What Do You Make To Wow At A Potluck Dinner? Reddit Has Answers

Potluck dinners are a great way to sample a wide variety of different meals, without having to do all the hard work of preparing everything yourself. However, whether you are hosting or simply attending a potluck, it can still take a little time to come up with a great idea, and then do all the shopping, prepping, and cooking necessary to deliver a delicious part of the meal. Recently, one Reddit user took to the social media platform to find some suggestions for great dishes that will wow the other guests, even those times you get a last-minute invite. "You have 12 hours before a potluck, what dish do you cook to absolutely knock everyone's socks off?" u/gneissity asked.

Luckily, other Reddit users responded with quite a few creative suggestions, from breads and savory meats to salads and desserts. A few suggested focaccia, while other fun ideas included spinach artichoke dip, mac and cheese, spring rolls, and pulled pork. "If there's not much time to cook, make a charcuterie board," advised u/amygunkler. "Tortellini salad — boil cheese tortellini, add Italian dressing (NOT the creamy kind), and cut-up salami. Chill until ready to go! Everyone loves it and it can sit out longer than something with mayo," suggested another person.

Great potluck dishes are portable and keep well

However, there were some debates over what makes a certain food a good item to bring to a potluck. One user on the Reddit thread pointed out that latkes, while a tasty dish, "Won't be warm at a potluck ... and latkes are always better warm." Another objected to deviled eggs, saying, "I like a good hard-boiled egg, but deviled — the thought makes me gag."

While the whole point of potlucks is to have fun and enjoy some delicious and indulgent dishes, there are a few rules and tips to follow to ensure a successful meal. It is typically advisable to avoid food that won't keep well over a long period of time or can't sit out for too long. Foods that are overly messy are also not always a good choice, since many potlucks are not formal, seated affairs, according to Cooking Light. In general, it's a good idea to bring dishes that are fun and seasonal, and in portion sizes that are large enough for the whole group to get a taste. So, as long as you follow these few simple potluck dos and don'ts, you can't really go wrong with just about any of these tasty suggestions.