Le Creuset Is Adding An Earthy New Color Option For Its Cookware

Le Creuset, the French cookware company, just dropped a new color onto its collection's palette. "New!" the company exclaimed in a post Instagram, clarifying, "Introducing Olive, a warm, earthy green inspired by sun-drenched orchards." The initial range of products that one can get in the new olive green includes both the round and oval Dutch ovens, the mini cocotte, and the stockpot, among others. 

Responses so far have been overwhelmingly ecstatic. "Gorgeous!!!" one commenter wrote before imagining "a nice casserole dish being served at an outdoor picnic or lunch!" "OK," a second stated, "I need this colour right now! Beautiful!" The biggest negative seems to be that it requires purchase, as a third wrote "Aaaaa why are you doing this? I really like this color." The new release is so popular, in fact, that the olive brassier has already sold out on Le Creuset's website just hours after being announced. The last time Le Creuset introduced a new hue was in February with their Oyster collection, which took inspiration from the neutral tones of the eponymous mollusks. 

Not every product is available in Olive

One thing that Le Creuset insists on doing, in addition to producing special edition runs, is to limit which products are available in which versions. This was one complaint that cropped up on Facebook when Le Creuset made their announcement there: "I love the new colors, but please have all pieces in all the colors. Seems like only the same certain pieces are available in new colors."

In other words, even though olive is the new color offered by Le Creuset. Their newest product, the bread oven, does not come in olive. This might strike some as strange, as Le Creuset only launched their bread oven earlier this month. So the new shade and the product seemingly would have been developed contemporaneously.

However, this is the Le Creuset business strategy. "Le Creuset does a lot of limited runs throughout the year," Chef's Pick explains, "so it is well worth keeping a watchful eye on their products and upcoming limited runs. You can buy casserole dishes with unique, one-off colourways, which will be rarer than hen's teeth in a few years." With a constant churn of new, select colors and products, the cookware company can both charge an exclusive price and keep customers engaged and invested in the next color drop.