Reddit Is Cracking Up Over This Starbucks Complaint

Customers have a history of making Starbucks baristas' lives harder than they need to be. Some patrons have very intricate drink orders, like a notorious Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino that featured 13 additional tweaks and changes, per TODAY. Other customers have notably hovered over employees as they concocted beverages, demanded very specific amounts of ice in each drink, and one visitor to the chain once demanded a pump of every syrup available (via Spoon University).

While it may sound like these situations are just isolated incidents, some baristas commonly face very eccentric customers who like to complain when things don't look or taste quite perfect. A barista recently vented on r/Starbucks over a complaint letter that they received from a customer. The letter, which concluded by saying that the patron plans to take their business to a Dunkin' located just down the street, claimed that their iced vanilla latte tastes worse on a daily basis, and insists that Starbucks workers put less and less vanilla syrup into the drink. Fellow baristas flocked to the post and laid into the customer with abandon.

Baristas lay into an entitled customer complaint

Redditors quickly flocked to the post and let their thoughts over the letter be known to all. Replies poured in and ranged from, "She even told you guys what she eats for breakfast," and, "If you think Starbucks is inconsistent... Wait until she tries Dunkin'."

Another Redditor joined in with, "She's in for a wild ride if she's switching to Dunkin. It's either Ohio river water or pure gold. Never an in-between there."

Others chimed in with, "how much free time did that person have to do all that to say the drink taste bad lmfaoo," and "We had a lady complain that her caramel macchiato didn't have any syrup in it and after three remakes she complained that she couldn't even taste the espresso. She clammed up and left and we all set to scrubbing ourselves and everything she came in contact with."

When customers can't taste their drink, one worker enacted a new policy at their location. "I've started telling people that if they still 'can't taste anything' after a remake or two, they should get tested for covid," the employee said. "I know i'm making drinks correctly because most of the time it's just me running the kiosk and our order accuracy is super high."