Alex Guarnaschelli Is Also Weirded Out By Those Realistic Cake Videos

It's true that the internet is full of unbelievable trends such as videos of cake artists cutting realistic cakes that resemble everyday objects, including delicious-looking burgers with fries on the side. According to PopSugar, some bakers have designed cakes that don't even seem like they're cakes, and it's nearly impossible to spot the differences thanks to the incredibly skilled cake artists. 

A Redditor posted a video clip that gave viewers a glimpse into some unbelievable cakes that looked like, in no particular order, a giant strawberry, a packet of Doritos, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a can of sparkling water, and more. Another Reddit user couldn't help joking, "Now I want cake and Doritos at the same time," while someone else mentioned that they don't think that the cake tasted great. Another Redditor wrote, "Realistic looking cakes that no one really wants to eat because fondant is absolute trash." As it turns out, even celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli isn't sure how to react when she comes across a realistic cake video (via Twitter). 

The celebrity chef thinks that they're disconcerting

Celebrity chef and renowned television personality Alex Guarnaschelli reacted to an unbelievable video clip shared by cake artist Natalie Sideserf on Twitter. The latter posted a video clip of a cake that looked like a cute pug and wrote, "I'm thinking about making another animal cake this week. Something a little less friendly than this adorable pup."

Guarnaschelli was quite taken aback by the clip. She quoted Sideserf's tweet and commented, "This is unnervingly real." She was definitely not alone; several other commentators reacted strongly to the video clip, with someone calling the video "disturbing" before adding, "Not sure why anyone would make this." Others felt weirded out by the clip as well and said that it was quite "creepy" to look at. Meanwhile, another chef mentioned that they despise "novelty cakes" and wrote, "[The cakes are the] dumbest things on the planet quite frankly and they rarely taste that great." Ultimately, we're now quickly learning that this cake trend might not be as beloved as we originally thought.