What The 2022 Oscars After-Party Dinner Will Look Like

The Oscars have always featured a star-studded guest list, but their dinners haven't always matched the clientele. According to Chowhound, the very first Oscars dinner back in 1929 looked very stark in comparison to modern spreads. The first Oscars dinner opened with a selection of celery, nuts, dinner rolls, and olives, and led to a bowl of consommé Celestine. Diners then got treated to a roasted half-chicken on toast, a fad dish at the time that was inspired by a similar quail dish. If they preferred, attendees could instead switch out their poultry for seafood and enjoy a "sole sautéed in butter." The evening concluded with ice cream and cakes, and since prohibition had been in full effect, no one legally drank any alcohol that evening.

Compare this dinner to the 2019 pre-pandemic Oscars, and its like comparing night and day. Fansided reports that this dinner featured catering by Wolfgang Puck and a menu that consisted of highlights like, black truffle chicken pot pies, Miyazaki wagyu steak, smoked salmon pizza topped with crème fraîche and caviar, and "chocolate Oscar statues decorated with real gold dust." It might be hard to imagine, but the 2022 menu plans to raise the stakes and deliver an even more extravagant dinner to attendees this year.

An Oscars feast fit for Hollywood royalty

This year's Oscars after party features Wolfgang Puck manning the kitchen with Bronx culinary collective Ghetto Gastro, per People. "The Oscars Governors Ball is an event where food, fashion, culture, cinema and music collide. To celebrate this convergence, we couldn't think of a better partner than Ghetto Gastro," Puck said.

The latest menu could easily make the 1929 Oscars feast blush. The Oscars officially released the menu, and the main courses feature decadent selections like, a wagyu beef steak served alongside mashed potatoes made with crème fraîche, cacio e pepe macaroni and cheese, and homemade campanelle pasta served with English peas, lemons, and pea tendrils, among many other items. The dinner starts with small bites like Tajin popcorn, mini taro root tacos, compressed watermelon, and duck carnitas. Puck and Ghetto Gastro plan to round out the evening by serving up a decadent dessert menu, featuring some hits like margarita push pops, a chocolate pizzelle wafer, translucent lollipops loaded with gold leaf, and much more.

In addition to providing guests with exquisite foods, the event presents patrons with Francis Ford Coppola wines and signature tequila creations. "This is a first-of-its-kind collaboration that breaks boundaries and brings a new flavor to the Oscars Governors Ball," show producer Will Packer said. "The Ghetto Gastro Collective, Wolfgang Puck and Academy teams embraced this dope alliance, which is all about uniting people in a true celebration of film AND food."