Costco Shoppers Are On The Hunt For Meli's Cookie Mix

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You never know what you're going to find when you step foot in your local Costco warehouse. Well, maybe you'll know about a few things, like the retailer's beloved Kirkland Signature bacon and its infamous rotisserie chicken that sells for a mere $4.99. But in addition to the various cult-favorite items that are almost always available for purchase at the chain's 575 U.S. locations, shoppers will also often find themselves staring at displays containing never-before-seen items, some of which are too exciting to keep to themselves.

This seems to be the case for the shopper behind fan Instagram account @Costco_doesitagain who, upon a recent visit to their local warehouse, spotted a sweet new product that they just had to share with their fellow Costco fans. "@melimonstercookies now at Costco!" they captioned a post on March 24, accompanying a photo of a colorful box with three 16-ounce bags of Original Monster Cookie Mix from Meli's Monster Cookies.

For those unfamiliar with this women-owned brand, Meli's Monster Cookies was co-founded by lifelong friends Melissa Blue and Melissa Mehall. After realizing a family cookie recipe of Blue's was naturally gluten-free, the duo decided to share the sweet treats with the rest of the world. According to a post on Meli's Instagram, yesterday marked the brand's official launch in select Costco stores. Based on the response to @Costco_doesitagain's post, shoppers certainly seem eager to pick up a few boxes of their own.

Only Costco stores in these states are carrying Meli's Cookie Mix

Since launching in 2014, Melissa Blue and Melissa Mehal's gluten-free cookies have been met with many positive reviews. On the brand's website, one fan declared that they were "completely addicted" to Meli's Monster Cookies, while another reviewer on Amazon claimed they were a must-try "whether you are gluten-free or not." These sentiments were echoed in the comments section of @Costco_doesitagain's recent Instagram post alerting shoppers that these cookies are now available in Costco warehouses.

"These are the best!" one user wrote, while another contemplated getting a Costco membership just so they could snag a box of cookie mix for themselves. A third user tagged their friend in hopes that they would look for the treat during their next Costco run. "Keep an eye out this is my favorite gluten-free cookie mix," they said.

Unfortunately, unless the Instagrammers are located in either Texas or Southern California, their search for Meli's Monster Cookie Mix will likely end in defeat. According to a comment left by the official Meli's Monster Cookies Instagram account, the brand's Original Monster Cookie mix is currently only available at Costco warehouses in these two locations — though that's not to say they won't be expanding to more stores soon. The brand's team told one fan to "stay tuned" after they asked if Meli's would be launching at Costcos in Atlanta. They also noted that their products are available nationwide at Target, Kroger, Walmart, and Amazon.