The Creative Way You Could Reuse Your Disposable Chopsticks

It's probably happened to all of us at one point or another — after a long day at work, you open the fridge only to realize that there is nothing inside that you want to eat. So you decide to order delivery from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Only by now, you are so hungry that you just can't decide what you want, so you order enough food to feed a small army. When the food finally arrives, the restaurant (assuming that your order was intended to serve an entire family) has included a bunch of extra disposable chopsticks in the bag.

However, you only need one set of chopsticks to enjoy your feast, so you simply toss the spare ones into a kitchen drawer and forget about them. As time goes on, unused chopsticks just accumulate in your kitchen drawer, until you have way too many. And while it seems like a waste just to toss them all in the trash, you aren't quite sure what to do with them except maybe use disposable chopsticks instead of forks for every single meal. Luckily, one creative Reddit user recently came up with a great solution for this excess chopstick problem, "Unused disposable chopsticks make great bag clips," user u/idoze shared on the r/foothacks subreddit.

Disposable chopsticks can be repurposed in many ways

Their fellow Reddit users were quick to applaud this innovative way of recycling disposable chopsticks. "That's wussup! No waste baby," praised u/Rungottarunm. User u/Swimming_Text_8610 replied, "literally just threw mine out last night because they've sat around for so long..I have regular ones and didn't see a use for disposables." One user posted simply, "I like it," while another joked, "Hey look it's another thing I can't do with chopsticks."

Others chimed in with other helpful ways to recycle unused chopsticks, like u/DietInTheRiceFactory, who pointed out they are also "great for Cheetos and other messy snack foods." However, even if you don't eat chips, there are still plenty of other ways to reuse chopsticks. They can also make great substitutes for other kitchen utensils, such as soup stirrers or grill turners, which can help you save money, especially if you don't grill that often, according to Conserve Energy Future. They also work well for common household problems, such as unclogging small drains or covering with cleaning rags to help scrub dirt and grime out of small, hard-to-reach corners. So the next time you order Chinese food, you don't have to be shy about ordering enough food for a party, since all those chopsticks that will be included in your bag can be put to good use.