Aldi Shoppers Are Praising These Adorable Quarter Holders

Yesterday, Aldi shoppers fell into cooing over a quarter holder. On the Aldi subreddit, one shopper shared a picture of a cart shaped keychain pouch with the title, "A quarter holder; gift at my local Aldi's!!"

Commenters shared how they had quarter holders that resembled a cactus, a sloth, and a lemon. The latter two, however, were apparently not the best designed: "I have a cactus one and it's cute but impossible to get the quarter out of it! And I always forget about it and end up using a purse quarter anyway." The one with the lemon noted that the OP's cart-shaped holder looked like it was made from more forgiving leather.

Evidently, there is a desirous group for these holders as one person wanted Aldi to go even further, writing that, "I know they occasionally sell quarter holders, but I do kind of wish Aldi would treat quarter holders as candles and have four kinds a month until you hit the one you love." While a quarter holder in of itself may not sound noteworthy, such interest in it is.

The quarter holders are emblematic of the cult of Aldi

The excitement over a leather pouch for a quarter illustrates the extra level of devotion that people who really like Aldi really like Aldi. The point of the quarters, as CNN explains, is that Aldi rents out their carts with a one quarter deposit. Only once you push the cart back into a stack of carts does the quarter you've inserted pop back out.

This type of thinking is central to Aldi's mission to cut out unnecessary expenditure and it inspires the love some people have for the brand. There's even a whole Etsy submarket that caters to people who really want to customize their means to carry a quarter.

Of course, the system is not foolproof. One viral cart hack involves using the back of a key as the deposit. This is not ideal for somewhat obvious reasons, but it has come in useful for when a person forgets to bring a quarter with them. After all, besides people who use coin operated washing machines, how often do we really handle quarters? That is the main benefit of using a special mini-wallet to hold a shopping cart's deposit.