Why Some Costco Shoppers Aren't Thrilled With Its New Cutting Boards

There are plenty of fancy tools you can fill your kitchen with, but few may be as important as a good cutting board. As The City Cook writes, "A board protects both the food being cut as well as your countertop." Having the right kind of board can be crucial to keeping your knives in tip-top shape by helping to prevent them from getting dull (via Bon Appétit).

If you've ever been in the market for a new cutting board, you likely know that there are a variety of different options available. However, Serious Eats argues that wood is "far and away the best material" to go for when picking a board due to it being sanitary, durable, and gentle on your blades, with teak being one of the best types of woods you can choose (via Bob Vila).

Unfortunately, teak boards can often come with a price tag that reaches in the triple digits, so when the shopper behind Costco fan Instagram account @costcohotfinds spotted a two-pack of Tramontina Teakwood Cutting Boards at their local warehouse for less than $20 this week, they knew they had to spread the word. "I love these and this is such a good deal!" they captioned a post about the kitchenware, though it appears that some Costco shoppers that have already purchased the product weren't quite as pleased.

Some Costco shoppers ended up returning their teakwood cutting boards

Costco fan Instagram account @costcohotfinds generated some buzz this week with their latest Costco kitchenware find: a two-pack of Tramontina Teakwood Cutting Boards that run for just $19.99. "This is a crazy good deal on teakwood cutting boards," the Instagrammer claimed in a video during which they also sang praises about the product. "These are gentle on knives and they just look so pretty," they said.

The update earned plenty of attention from followers, though not everybody was as delighted about this kitchenware deal. Instagram user @joseiemargolis revealed that they ended up returning the cutting boards because they weren't impressed with the quality. "Wood stain came off after initial rinse and the texture was pretty rough," they explained, while another seemingly displeased Costco shopper claimed the product "smelled super strong too."

Still, not all the reviews of Costco's Teakwood Cutting Boards were bad. "I have these and love them! Must use mineral oil before use," a third follower shared, while others expressed some excitement to grab a set for themselves. "Oooh, these are really nice!!" commented user @thecostcopro wrote. "Adding these to my Costco list," quipped another fan. While those are pretty mixed reviews, the Costco website "guarantees satisfaction on every product we sell." So, folks who are dissatisfied with their purchase can probably return it.