This Michelin-Listed Restaurant's Lasagna Comes From A Toothpaste Tube

Doesn't it feel like lasagna has been around forever? As it turns out, this comforting pasta dish has been around since the Middle Ages, although the layered version we know today was only introduced in the 1800s, according to Italy Magazine.

Today's classic lasagna involves layering thin sheets of pasta, sauce, meat, and cheese, but many people like to make lasagna their own way. For example, some might make lasagna rolls. Others might make a breakfast lasagna using ingredients like bacon and biscuits. Others might substitute eggplant slices for the pasta to make the dish gluten-free.

Even most restaurants like to have their own spin on lasagna. One Oregon eatery boasts a lasagna with six layers of pasta; a restaurant in Chicago makes its lasagna with Italian sausage; a local favorite in Miami Beach uses braised short rib (per The Daily Meal). However, even these recipes are rather tame compared to what some chefs are doing with lasagna. 

A change of paste for the classic lasagna

When you hear that a restaurant has Michelin stars, you know the food is going to be top-quality in ingredients and in creativity. Even so, you don't expect the restaurant to push the boundaries of classic dishes too far.

But that's exactly what Ristorante 1978's Valerio Braschi is doing. Braschi wants his diners to be "flabbergasted" that the unusual looking dish in front of them tastes just like something they know very well. Enter Lasagna in Tubetto. According to CNN, Braschi's latest creation involves "a creamy mix of beef ragout, béchamel, nutmeg and lasagna distillate ... squeezed from a toothpaste tube onto a 'toothbrush' of oven-baked egg pasta."

The experience mimics Braschi's memories of eating cold, leftover lasagna for breakfast. To complete the meal, diners enjoy a parmigiano reggiano cheese drink. Although this may sound a little strange, just remember that many chefs like to present 'deconstructed' meals. Bet you never expected to see toothpasta on the menu!