TikTok Is Trying To Guess Which Food Network Star Was Rude To A Flight Attendant

Blind gossip items are bits of gossip that are shared without revealing who the celebrity featured in the story is, and nothing whips TikTok into a fervor more than a good bit of anonymous goss. Some Food Network fans are currently in a tizzy trying to guess the subject of a recent bit of gossip shared by a flight attendant who runs the TikTok account AskTheFA. In a video, the flight attendant shared that the two rudest people they ever tended to on a flight were a comedian and a Food Network show host.

The flight attendant went on to share in the comments that both were older men, and in a second TikTok, shared a few more details of what happened with the Food Network star. "He demanded a first class seat," the attendant said, even though he didn't have a first class ticket, and he wanted other passengers who did have a first class ticket removed so he could take their seat. Then, when they seated him in coach, he wanted the other passengers in his row moved so he could sit in a row by himself. The creator of the video said the person was male and is now in their 70s, and TikTokers had a lot of guesses as to which Food Network star it might have been.

Which Food Network star was rude on a flight?

Before giving the hint that the Food Network star in question was male and in their 70s, commenters guessed several other chefs they suspected were jerks in real life, including Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, and Guy Fieri. Some closer guesses included Emeril Lagasse, though he's only 62, but other commenters couldn't believe it might be him. "No Emeril. He's super nice in person," one said, while another shared "I met Emeril at a book signing and he seemed GENUINELY NICE. I don't think it was Emeril."

It was a comment on the second video that seemed to shed light on both allegedly rude mystery men. In response to a person commenting, "Chevy Chase and David Rosengarten," the video creator commented with a smiley face emoji, and then in another post said, "See the comments and my responses to comments for the answer," seemingly confirming that Rosengarten was the star in question. For those not familiar, David Rosengarten was one of the first Food Network stars, and was the host of the show "Taste" for eight years. We'll never know for sure what really happened on the flight, but according to the flight attendant, Rosengarten allegedly left his manners at the gate when he boarded the plane that day.