Gordon Ramsay Just Threw Shade At Michael Symon's Scrambled Eggs

Recently, Food Network had to feed the insatiable appetite of TikTok's algorithm. So, they had Michael Symon whip up some scrambled eggs. The video began with Symon saying "I'm going to show you how to make a very classic French soft scrambled egg. Incredibly creamy. Almost like a custard." He whipped three eggs and added some salt and butter, the latter in order to "slow down the cooking procedure." After melting some more butter in a pan, he dropped the eggs into the pan and stirred.

Gordon Ramsay was unimpressed, though. "I think you guys are a little late to the game on this," he wrote in the comments. "Very," Symon agreed. Ramsay, of course, has his own famous scrambled eggs recipe. As of writing, the video of Gordon Ramsay showing his scrambled eggs recipe to The Daily has been watched over 48 million times on YouTube. He is so associated with his scrambled eggs recipe that he roasts lackluster attempts to recreate it.

The two scrambled eggs recipes do differ

"Not just late," one person noted on the TikTok video, "also wrong." Indeed, even though Gordon Ramsay swooped in to claim all French-style scrambled eggs as his, the recipe Michael Symon shared differs in some important respects.

In the recipe Ramsay shares in his MasterClass – because his scrambled eggs are considered that amazing — he specifically recommends not whisking the eggs. Rather, the "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef" star believes you should crack them directly into the pan. He also adds chives, prefers to use creme fraiche instead of butter as the post-cooking cooling agent, and does not add salt before cooking the eggs as it causes the egg to break down. Symon actually addresses the last difference in his tutorial, saying "Lots of people say don't add salt until the end. It happens quickly. Not a big deal."

By this point, Gordon Ramsay's mark on scrambled eggs has a long and storied history. As he says in The Daily scrambled eggs tutorial, "If they can make the perfect scrambled egg, you know they know how to cook properly." Apparently, even though he takes some liberties, Michael Symon has been taking notes.