Instagram Is Cracking Up Over Gordon Ramsay's Mom's Honest Food Review

In the United States, Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday in May each year, but other countries celebrate the holiday on different days. In the United Kingdom, for instance, families ring in Mother's Day on Mothering Sunday, which takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, says the Evening Standard. Being from the U.K., Gordon Ramsay celebrated the special day this past weekend, sharing a post on Instagram in honor of his mother.

Ramsay shared a video of him and his mother cooking together. While Ramsay is famous for dishing out rash, brash, and oftentimes hilarious criticism in the kitchen, it's his mom who has the harsh critique this time. In the video, Ramsay tells his mom to have a taste of what he just made. She dips her finger into the bowl, tastes it, and says, "ugh," while making a face, followed up with, "I don't like that." Ramsay chuckles and throws his hands down in response, and fans in the comments seemed to be laughing at the interaction, too.

Ramsay's mom turned the tables

Ramsay clearly wasn't too offended by his mom's reaction, as he captioned his post, "Happy Mother's Day Mum! You may not enjoy my toppings but I love you xxx." Fans took a page from Ramsay's book and seemed charmed by the video. "The pure immediate honesty," commented one person with a barrage of crying-while-laughing emojis, while another said, "Lol, moms will be so honest with you."

A lot of people seemed to get a kick out of seeing where Ramsay may have gotten his legendary, sometimes controversial attitude. "Hahaha now I understand everything," said one commenter, while another asked, "like mother like son?" The overall response seemed to be that it was fun to get a glimpse of where Ramsay "got it from," and fans were happy to see that the star chef really can take it just as well as he can dish it out on television — even if the criticism came from his mom.