This Is The Only Country You Can Find Pizza Hut's New Dim Sum Pizza

Anyone who wants to splurge can't go wrong ordering a dim sum meal. According to Asia Society, dim sum constitutes a meal that consists of small dumplings and snacks alongside tea. This type of meal, which originated in the Guangdong region of China, somewhat resembles Spanish tapas and over the years, has spread over every part of the world. Typical items that make up the meal include offerings like shumai, which are wrappers that get stuffed with pork or shrimp, and xiaolong bao, also known as soup dumplings.

Ordering dim sum can feel just as exciting as tasting the dumplings and small plates that make up the meal. Dim Sum Central states that you typically need to fill out a "checklist menu" from a server with a pushcart, who then serves you the meal. The dining pace picks up over the course of the day, and can make anyone excited to dig into some dumplings. This type of established meal has now crossed over into Pizza Hut territory, and one country now combines the dim sum experience with a classic Pizza Hut pizza in a way you might never imagine.

What a dim sum pizza is like

Anyone who can get their hands on a dim sum pizza should brace for an experience like no other. According to Chew Boom, the item features, "fajitas chicken with mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, and red peppers." When you imagine a pizza sauce, your mind might go to marinara sauce, a white sauce, or even barbecue sauce, but the dim sum pizza instead features tartar sauce as a base. The true spectacle of this item lies in its crust, which features tied-off dim sum dumplings embedded into the exterior of the pie. These dim sum packets then get filled with shrimp and fish. If you love the idea of the dim sum pizza, but aren't feeling the toppings, you can switch out the fajita chicken for, "Meat Lovers, Pepperoni, [or] Cheese Lovers," among many other selections found on Pizza Hut's website.

Unfortunately, diners who want a dim sum pizza experience have to visit Indonesia for the dish. If they can get there, each item goes for Rp 123,000, which equates to $8.57 USD. While you might not get a chance to taste the dim sum pizza in the states anytime soon, you can take heart knowing that somewhere in the world, diners can finally experience dim sum in pizza form.