Cutwater Spirits Just Dropped Its Summer Canned Cocktail Lineup

Cutwater Spirits lineup of flavors and cans continues to expand — and this time the company is gearing up for a light and refreshing summer. Where the brand inspired its drinker to embrace the "Lazy Ones" in a Superbowl ad this past February, the new slim can lineup is all about being "fruit-forward" and refreshing, as shared in a recent press release obtained by Mashed. 

Yuseff Cherney, Cutwater Spirits co-founder and master distiller states,"We expanded our portfolio's refreshing, easy-to-enjoy offerings by developing new flavor variations that build on three of Cutwater's most enjoyable cocktails and feature our own award-winning vodka, rum, or tequila."

These new flavors are offered in 12 ounce slim cans, all with a fresh new look, in packs of four or eight. Says Cherney, "The new slim can format is inspired by the kind of highball glass you'd get at your favorite bar if you ordered one of these cocktails off the menu." The product offerings include Ranch Waters, Rum Mojitos, and Vodka Sodas. The entire collection is shared as under 6% ABV, and running a slimmer spectrum of between 99 and 165 calories. The collection is also labeled as gluten-free and without artificial sweeteners.

Cutwater Spirits seasonably slim look

Ranch waters are perhaps the newest hit this spring, but the idea is actually an old-time favorite. Sorry Hidden Valley fans — this one isn't about the dressing. Hailing from West Texas, this formerly local drink uses a base of lime, tequila, and carbonated water. In the case of Cutwater's Ranch Waters, you can find Classic Lime, Prickly Pear, and Watermelon.

Rum Mojitos are a popular summertime drink, and the Cutwater version shared in the press release that its cans are a nice alternative to the bar beverage, which are often heavily flavored with simple syrup. Eat This, Not That! reports the average mojito has around 26 grams of sugar and is one of the unhealthiest beverages choices around. Cutwater had previously released a Lime Mojito, which has since been repackaged into the new slim profile cans and joins a lineup of others including Passion Fruit Guava and Mango-Watermelon. These canned Cutwater mojitos contain 12 grams of natural cane sugar.

Completing the slim product launch are Vodka Sodas which include the previously released Grapefruit and Lime varieties, and now add a Watermelon option just in time for summer. To purchase any of the Cutwater canned cocktails, find a local retailer at Cutwater Spirits online.

As always, drink responsibly.