The Funny Reason Kraft Is Giving Away Free Boxes Of Mac 'N Cheese

There is probably no better comfort food out there than mac and cheese. Its creamy, indulgent blend of gooey cheese and rich carbs makes it one of the most soothing foods to eat, especially after a particularly rough day. Kraft understands the dish's unique comforting power, and the company is putting it to good use following the Final Four games of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament this year.

When it comes to sports, emotions can run high. And March Madness is among one of the most popular sporting events in the country. The 2022 tournament will come to its exciting conclusion on April 2 in New Orleans, where Villanova, Duke, Kansas, and North Carolina will duke it out inside the Caesars Superdome to see who will be the 2022 tournament champion, according to NBC 5 Chicago

But no matter who wins, there will still be plenty of fans who are disappointed their team didn't manage to take home the championship. And Kraft plans to comfort them with a free box of the new, limited-edition "Basketbawl" mac and cheese, according to a press release sent to Mashed.

Kraft will give free Basketbawl-edition Mac & Cheese to fans of the losing teams

Kraft knows that no matter who emerges as the 2022 champion, the fans of the losing teams will be down in the doldrums after the tournament concludes. Therefore, the company is offering fans a free box of mac and cheese to help nurse their sadness. But these won't be just any old boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese. For the giveaway, fans will receive an exclusive, limited-edition "Basketbawl" box.

To score a Kraft Basketbawl Blue Box of mac and cheese, basketball fans simply have to go to on April 2 one hour after each game and claim their box for as long as supplies last, according to a press release sent to Mashed. Even fans who are lucky enough to score live seats at the game will still be able to receive a free box of comfort after the tournament. 

Kraft will also be setting up a station outside of the Caesars Superdome to give away free boxes Basketbawl-edition Kraft Mac & Cheese to fans of the losing teams, while supplies last. So if you're one of the basketball fans eagerly awaiting this championship showdown (and you think the Kraft product compares to the absolute best mac and cheese in the U.S.), you just might want to keep the website handy — just in case.