Svedka Just Dropped A New Fruit-Flavored Spiked Tea

If you love spiked ice tea, a variety of brands have you covered. According to Thrillist, brands like The Best Damn Sweet Tea, Noveltea, and Twisted Tea have tapped into this market and come out with offerings that pair a classic sweet tea with the bite of alcohol. Vinepair ranks Arnold Palmer's Spiked Half and Half, Bully Boy Italian Iced Tea, and even Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Tea Seltzer Raspberry Black Tea as some of the best varieties of 2021, but one new competitor looks to turn the tables on the entire hard tea market.

According to PR Newswire, Svedka, the spirit brand you most likely associate with vodka, has dipped its toes into the spiked tea market with a new selection of hard canned teas. The brand released a group of three new hard tea spritzes in honor of summer with a 5% ABV content and hopes customers plan to either drink the teas solo or use them as mixers.

Svedka tea's new flavors

PR Newswire reports that Svedka plans to go all out with a selection of tropical flavors that has the potential to set them apart from the pack. The new teas include Pineapple Guava, Raspberry Kiwi, and Orange Mango. You can pick up an eight-pack of the teas for approximately $19.99 that includes "four cans of Pineapple Guava, and two cans each of Raspberry Kiwi and Orange Mango." Alternatively, you can also pick up four-packs for about $12.99 and individual cans for $2.99 in most places. Svedka plans to sell these teas everywhere, and they should even be found on online grocery delivery services like Instacart.

According to Svedka, these tea spritzes join a selection of vodka-infused sodas from the brand that includes mango pineapple, strawberry lemonade, and black cherry lime. The inclusion of this new line of tea spritzes should prove to further expand Svedka's brand and might just get customers associating them with light, vodka-infused drinks instead of just vodka shots.