Trader Joe's Fans Can't Wait To Try Its New Lemon Swirl Ice Cream

Lemons might bring fantasies about hot summer days to mind. But the harvest period for the tart citrus fruit — whose trees can be traced back millions and millions of years, according to National Geographic — is actually at its peak right now, in early spring (via The Spruce Eats). For those who live in sunny states like California and Arizona (or certain parts of Florida), tasting a fresh lemon can be as easy as slipping on some flip-flops and plucking one from a nearby tree. For the rest of us, the lemons shipped to our nearest grocery store will have to suffice. 

At Trader Joe's, shoppers can taste the scurvy-fighting fruit not only from the market chain's produce section, but also in products from its ever-updating dessert freezers. And now, thanks to a recent Instagram post by @traderjoeslist, shoppers are flocking to TJ's for the store's latest lemon treat: a lemon ice cream that boosts the flavor of the in-season fruit with some sweet accoutrements. 

All about Trader Joe's new lemon ice cream

Trader Joe's new When Life Gives You Lemons Make Ice Cream flavor is scattered with bits of shortbread cookie and mixed with a lemon swirl, according to the Instagram post, which we imagine both enhances and cuts through the dessert's creamy base. Unlike a lemon sorbet, the new treat is neither vegan nor gluten-free. That said, many TJ's shoppers with looser dietary restrictions are seriously jonesing for the product in the comment section of @traderjoeslist's Instagram post — and some people have even tasted it already. 

"Tried it at work last night and it was delicious. Lemon in desserts are my favorite!" said one user. "Tastes like lemon sorbet but creamy!!" added another. One user suggested pairing the lemon ice cream with Trader Joe's Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins to add even more texture and lemony flavor. 

If we're to believe one commenter, Trader Joe's might have a lemon chess pie in the works. In the meantime, the store's new ice cream sounds like a richly refreshing way for citrus lovers to bid adieu to winter.