Blue Apron Just Added Breakfast To Its Meal Lineup

Lazy Sundays notwithstanding, the most important meal of the day isn't always the most inspiring to prepare. Maybe you're groggy from last night's impromptu binge of "Chef's Table" and can't summon the mental energy to put together a wholesome breakfast on the fly despite your fierce Michelin Star-induced hunger; maybe you forgot to go grocery shopping and are staring at an empty fridge; maybe you're out of coffee and simply can't function. Enter: Blue Apron, one of several subscription-based companies that intends to make it easier for people to make home-cooked meals by providing rotating kits complete with recipes and pre-measured ingredients.

After nearly a decade of focusing solely on dinner recipes, Blue Apron since added desserts, appetizers, and sides to its roster in April 2021. But, unless you're a subscriber who eats things like soy-glazed pork meatloaf or mascarpone-frosted carrot cake for breakfast (no judgement), you may have noticed that the meal kit company has yet to offer breakfast recipes. According to a March 21 post on Blue Apron's blog, that's no longer the case. 

The breakfast menu includes a fried egg and prosciutto sandwich

The latest news in the blog post explains that the new breakfast menu offers healthful alternatives to the protein bar or pastry that you might be inclined to grab on a busy weekday morning, with Blue Apron's Chef Ashley Giddens at the helm of creating the tasty meals. Taking rushed schedules into account, the blog post claims that the new recipes are designed to be ready in 15 minutes or less, "without creating a pile of dishes."

On the sandwich front, the new menu features recipes for a fried egg and prosciutto sandwich with smoked gouda and Calabrian mayo, as well as a spinach and egg sandwich with parmesan, both of which can be customized based on the cook's egg-prep preference. Over on the sweet end, there are buttermilk-cornmeal pancakes with maple-fig syrup and pistachios, as well as sourdough French toast with cherry-maple syrup and almonds — neither of which require measuring cups. If you're more of a breakfast taco person, a set of cheesy egg and bell pepper tacos with chipotle sour cream is another newcomer. 

According to Food Network, the move to breakfast items came after a request from 36% of Blue Apron customers. For now, the company will test the waters by offering the breakfast plan (which can be found on their add-on section) on a bi-weekly basis for those whose subscriptions include two or four servings, with delivery starting April 18.