Sonic Just Added A Nostalgic Jewelry Piece To Its Merch Line

Sonic has always been a nostalgic kind of place. Between the drive-in setup, classic coneys and sundaes, and rollerskating employees, the experience of eating at the fast food chain is reminiscent of the 1950s dining scene in which it first opened (via Oklahoma Historical Society). And if those elements aren't enough of a throwback for you, Sonic's merch — sorry, swag — line features a number of other things that'll take you for a ride down memory lane. 

The Sonic Swag Shop sells everything from enamel pins (ideal for decorating that '80s jean jacket you just got from the thrift store) to socks, can coolers, and T-shirts — one of which reads, "My car is my favorite dining room." And the selection is growing: This week, the brand launched a few new items in honor of Sonic's famous slushes. They're meant to help people decide which one to order, since the dozens of different flavors may make the decision pretty difficult. Wear them, the brand says, and they just might "predict your slush mood."

'My Slush Mood' is meant for indecisive slush-lovers

Sonic's new "My Slush Mood" merchandise collection includes a T-shirt and tote bag with the printed title, finished in a wavy pattern, rainbow colors, and a retro smiley face. The third and final piece of the collection? A mood ring straight out of the early 2000s, which looks just like a slush in a Sonic cup when viewed from the side. According to the product listing, all proceeds from the Slush Ring will be given to public schools in need. The ring only comes in size 8, sells for $9.99, and can be ordered online for delivery within five weeks.

The chain posted an announcement about the item on Instagram, touting the ring's nine different colors to "predict your slush mood." Fans struggled to decide how they felt about the new merch. One person commented, "This ring is really ugly but I feel like I have to get it for my carhop fit." Others called it cool, while another thought the post might be an early April Fools' joke. Finally, one Sonic fan joked that they got one but are still are struggling with their inner slush debate: "Mine is black because I wanted all the flavors mixed. @sonicdrivein please help me." That's a mood.