Instagram Is Stunned By Sunny Anderson's Shoe Closet

Most people know that Sunny Anderson has a passion for food, but might be surprised to learn that shoes are a close second. Of course, we're speculating based on an Instagram post of her shoe closet with the caption starting with "Obsession post."

Anderson, the host of Food Network's "The Kitchen," explains that she's moving her footwear from the current space and transferring them to cases. The image shows only her high and mid-top sneakers, and she adds that low-tops are next, stating "and there's 4 times as many." Clearly, Anderson loves footwear, but a small part of her fears she might have a problem because she posed the question, "am I a hoarder, an enthusiast, or obsessed?" to her fans. She also begs fans to make her "feel normal" by sharing what they collect.

The cookbook author works hard, so we have to ask, what's the big deal about a sneaker splurge now and then? Well, her fans certainly have some opinions!

Sneakers make Sunny Anderson happy

As for whether Sunny Anderson is a shoe hoarder, the jury's still out. Fans, however, seem to think she simply deserves to be happy.

One wrote, "Hey you work hard," and another, "You deserve any and everything you want. You're an enthusiast." Some chose to answer Anderson's actual question with, "could be all three but either way... this is a beautiful sight" and "You do you sis. There are worse obsessions in the world!"

Of course, some Instagrammers have questions of their own, like "Have you worn them all at least one time???" To that, Anderson replied that she hasn't worn all of them, but has worn many. "I love the moment when an outfit comes together and I have the perfect unworn pair waiting," she states.

As for the question of what her friends and fans collect, author Emily Hutchinson wrote that she has vintage cake plates, bowls, and regular plates numbering in the hundreds. "My husband keeps saying I don't need more, which to me whispers....You need more," she said. Another fan reveals that they have more than 1,200 cookbooks, including Anderson's.

Still, others applauded her tidiness skills. "I love the organization!" If nothing else, that certainly is impressive.