Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Pumped To Try Its New Gluten-Free Chocolate Muffins

Muffins may have become part of a meme following a certain 2007 YouTube video, but viral internet fame isn't the only reason behind the popularity of the individually portioned baked good. Whether you prefer it wrapped in cellophane from 7-Eleven, divvied up in a box from the grocery store, or baked fresh at home, the quick-leavened American muffin (not to be confused with the yeast-leavened English muffin) comes in countless varieties and flavors and is a fantastic excuse to eat cake for breakfast. 

Like so many baked goods, however, the average muffin isn't safe to eat for everyone. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, muffins often contain gluten, making them off-limits for those who respond to the structural protein with a dangerous immune reaction. Luckily, gluten-free diets are par for the course these days, and those with gluten intolerance can enjoy a host of foods that traditionally contain the stuff, such as bread and pasta. 

Trader Joe's is no stranger to providing these gluten-free alternatives, from hamburger buns to bagels to frozen pizza. And now, as revealed in an Instagram post from @traderjoesglutenfree and @traderjoeslist, the market chain has a new gluten-free sheriff in town: double chocolate muffins. 

Double the chocolate, none of the gluten

The excitement over the Instagram announcement from @traderjoesglutenfree and @traderjoeslist is palpable. The caption emphasizes the rare union of the terms "gluten-free" and "double chocolate" before offering a serving suggestion, which is to cut the muffins into quarters and toast them. The caption also gives a shout-out to Trader Joe's gluten-free cinnamon coffee cake muffins. Commenters were excited to try them and one person wrote, "I see a Trader Joe's run in our future."

Over on Reddit, a similar announcement reveals a $4.99 price tag touting the newly acquired TJ's baked good as a "decadent afternoon treat." The muffins are made with buttermilk, sour cream, gluten-free chocolate chips, and cocoa, making them very decadent indeed. If you don't think you can finish a four-pack before they go bad, rest assured knowing that the muffins freeze beautifully, according to a couple of Reddit comments. "Ooooh I'm gonna try those muffins," writes one Redditor. "I love the cinnamon ones. I buy the box, take one out, and freeze the other three." It goes without saying that anyone who loves chocolate will be all about these muffins.