Taco John's Has Good News For Dessert Lovers

This news is for fans of cheaply priced churros: The $2 churro is back at Taco John's, according to Chew Boom. This is the latest addition to the fast food chain's $1-$2-$3 ValuEST Menu, a list of popular items within a $1 to $3 price range. Taco Johns' take on the churro sticks to Spanish tradition: The chain says it's fried onsite and served warm — and covered in cinnamon sugar for sweetness and crunch. 

To sample the $2 treat, you'll have to be in a state that actually has a Taco John's store nearby. Although there are hundreds of locations across 23 states, they're largely located in the Midwest. Sorry, New Yorkers and Floridians! Until a TJ's opens near you, you'll have to try your hand at a churros recipe at home — just try to avoid making the biggest churro mistake of using improperly piped batter or too-cold oil, which could result in exploding or deflating desserts.

Other value items to order with Taco John's churros

Although Taco John's churros don't cost a lot of money, they do come with 200 calories each, along with 9 grams of fat and 10 grams of sugar, according to Fast Food Nutrition. That adds up to nearly half of the recommended daily intake of sugar for women, and nearly a third for men. That said, churros are a lighter option than another Taco John's sweet, the iced Mexican donut bites served for breakfast. These contain 300 calories and 25 grams of sugar per cup. Both items contain contain wheat and gluten, so anyone who's allergic or sensitive to these allergens should steer clear.

To complete your Taco John's meal on a budget, the chain's value menu currently has a spicy steak and potato Griller (a grilled burrito), cheesy bacon ranch potato Olés (miniature hash brown bites), and two flavors of cold brew coffee to wash it all down.