TikTok Is Feeling Valerie Bertinelli's Confession About Food And Feelings

It seems as if everyone has been struggling emotionally these days, and culinary television host and actress Valerie Bertinelli is sharing her feelings with her fans on TikTok. In the video, Bertinelli can be seen pondering time and questioning how quickly time goes by. Except, she notes, "when you're hungry." As the clip continues, Bertinelli, who has struggled with her weight most of her life and has been very open about it (via Yahoo), clarifies that she is speaking about not actually being hungry, but instead, using food to push emotional vulnerability away.  

"If you just felt the feeling and felt through that and got to the other side of that, you would probably feel better ... So, then, you obsessed about food because you don't want to feel the feeling that you're feeling." The outcome, she says, is that whether you eat the food or you don't, the mental and emotional strain has already taken its toll. "Then you don't eat the food. Or you do and then you feel like sh*t because you ate the food ... that time ... just takes forever," she concludes.  

Fans respond to Valerie Bertinelli's message

It seems that Valerie Bertinelli's message touched a lot of people, as the TikTok video from the "Food Network" star and avid cook has accrued just shy of 40k likes on the video, more than 525 shares and almost 4,000 comments. "I feel this in my soul," wrote one TikToker. Another commenter notes, "Thank you so much for your honesty. I relate so much and I'm so thankful for it! You're lovely in every way and I admire you so much!" 

Many of the commenters praised the "Kids Baking Championship" host for this video. They thanked her for normalizing relationships with food; for being raw, honest, and authentic in her struggles; and for speaking up for people who struggle with this on the regular, many of who also noted that they are grieving a loss, which has made their relationship with food that more complicated. "Your message speaks to millions. Thanks for sharing this truth. It never really goes away but it's nice to have company," a fan added.