This 'Serious' Insomnia Cookies Giveaway Is The Antidote To April Fool's Jokes

Restaurants always have a great sense of humor when it comes to April Fool's Day. Reader's Digest reports that Krispy Kreme tried to fool customers by reporting that they would change their name to Krispy Creme, Burger King announced a Whopper-flavored toothpaste, and Papa John's posted a video that advertised gallons of garlic sauce for sale. Some top brands haven't pulled any comedic punches this year either.

According to The Drum, Aldi decided to announce a rivalry with Ryanair, Papa John's declared that they had a new pizza collaboration with Pot Noodle, and Kotex announced chocolate hygiene pads. While it seems like every single beloved food brand has taken a stab at an April Fool's joke, Insomnia Cookies came forward with a very serious way to approach the holiday. The brand announced on Instagram that they plan to give away a gratuitous amount of cookies in a post that couldn't help but inspire chuckling due to its overly-dry, humorless tone.

A serious way to give away cookies

TheĀ Instagram post featured an image grab from a supposed email from Insomnia Cookies' legal team, reading, "All previously mentioned April Fool's ideas are inadvisable. My official recommendation is for a gift card giveaway." The image of the email, signed by the company's Chief Cookie Counsel, came captioned with, "please enjoy this very serious gift card giveaway bc that's all legal says we can do today. Thx. ~~~ very serious $100 gift card giveaway ~~~."

The brand went on to explain that in order to enter the contest, interested participants have to tag a friend who might want the cookies in the comment section by April 4. The company plans to only give the gift card to one selected individual, and the winner gets contacted by a direct message. This incredibly humorless non-April Fool's Day post might not get anyone laughing at a prank but definitely has the potential to brighten someone's day. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more food rivalries, weird product mashups, and another occasional product giveaway or two while April Fool's Day lasts.