Does Butterfinger Mayo Really Exist?

A ton of weird sandwich spreads have popped up over the years. British Corner Shop reports that some folks have put mayonnaise and bananas on sandwiches, while others mix together peanut butter and pickles or chocolate spread and cheese. Butterfinger recently joined in on this flavor phenomenon with an announcement that has bewildered and disgusted a solid handful of diners.

Butterfinger's official Twitter account started posting videos of people apparently really enjoying a collaboration between the candy company and Hellman's mayonnaise. The subjects of the promotional videos all ranked the combination of Butterfinger and mayo as a "ten out of ten." Followers jumped into the comments and concurred that the new product probably tastes fine. "That's...weird, but know that mayo is nothing but egg and oil, it probably isn't as bad as it sounds," one person wrote. Others reacted with shock; "This actually made me a little bit sick," another user tweeted in response. The combo was so outlandish, it caused a few folks to question whether or not the product actually exists.

The truth behind Butterfinger mayo

Butterfinger doubled down on its mayo collab in a separate tweet that read, "Your favorite mayo just got more crispety, crunchety, and peanut buttery. Introducing @Hellmanns with Butterfinger, an all new way to make everything and anything you put mayo on more irresistible." The text accompanied a picture depicting a jar of mayonnaise that prominently featured what appears to be swirls of Butterfinger candy. Despite the sincere marketing, you might not find an official Hellmann's team-up with Butterfinger anytime soon.

As Fansided points out, it's not so unlikely that a candy mayonnaise would actually pop up on store shelves. However, this item appears to be nothing more than an April Fool's Day prank put out by Butterfinger. While jars of candy mayonnaise don't exist, Hellmann's and Butterfinger did come together to release a recipe for a cake made with both Butterfinger candy and mayo, so even if you can't get your hands on this unique spread anytime soon, you can still create this curious combination at home.