The Truth About Torrece Gregoire From Big Restaurant Bet

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Competitive food shows such as "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Restaurant: Impossible" are wildly popular among viewers, as Well+Good writes that "Whether it's a tutorial or competition, it's clear that watching other people cook is enjoyable for millions." Celebrity chef and entrepreneur Geoffrey Zakarian knows this, thus his latest show "Big Restaurant Bet" is all about pushing aspiring food entrepreneurs out of their comfort zones as they attempt to impress him and his fellow judges with their cooking and business skills (via Food Network). The winner will get a chance to launch their own eatery with support from Zakarian Hospitality Group and a contract worth $250,000. 

The show will debut on April 5 and follow eight ambitious contestants (via Food Network) as they take on "real-world challenges" planned by Zakarian and his business partners. One of the participants, Torrece Gregoire, is affectionately known as "Chef T." What else is there to know about the chef?

Gregoire isn't new to television shows

Fans may recall that Torrece Gregoire was a line cook when she participated in and was declared runner-up of Season 14 of the popular reality show "Hell's Kitchen." According to Reality TV Revisited, she joined a restaurant called Three Blind Mice in Lilburn, Georgia after the show and then moved on to working at the Draper Mercantile and Trading Company. She explored life as a "traveling chef" and launched her own eatery in 2019 that sadly shut shop after the pandemic struck, WSLS10 reported.

Also, Gregoire has a degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu, Atlanta and published a cookbook in 2021 called "Paradigm: A Macro Manifesto To Food" (via Amazon). The chef has also been working as a consultant for the Black Hell & Bar Blue in Blacksburg, Virginia; according to the restaurant's website, Gregoire likes to use "locally sourced, seasonal ingredients" in her dishes, and she hopes to promote sustainable cooking as much as possible. Soon, viewers will be able to see more of her cooking on "Big Restaurant Bet."