Padma Lakshmi's New Cuddly Friend Leaves Instagram Saying 'Aww'

Padma Lakshmi seems to always have something interesting to show, or say, on Instagram. In this case, interesting means fuzzy and adorable. The "Top Chef" host recently shared a photo from her vacation at Hokuala Kauai, a resort that boasts not only the gorgeous scenery of the Hawaiian island, but also its own 16.5-acre sustainable organic farm. There, a foodie like Lakshmi is sure to see the appeal in freshly grown vegetables, including broccoli and carrots, as well as specialties like mizuna, tatsoi, and pea tendrils. Don't forget the luscious island fruits, like papayas, mangos, bananas, and coconuts.

However, while the fresh produce was likely a draw for Lakshmi, she shared a photo of herself with a different living creature that made fans say, "Aww." The author posted an Instagram while cradling the fuzziest bunny in her arms at the farm. According to the resort's website, rabbits and chickens are always around and ready to be cuddled by visitors.

Lakshmi finds cuteness in Kauai

Captioning her Instagram, Lakshmi shared, "Bunny snuggle time! This is Chungis and she sweetly dozed off in my arms. Look at her little red paws! They're stained that color from all of the iron-rich red dirt around the farm and the island." She added that she would happily have snuggled with Chungis "for hours" and that "Divina would be so jealous!" For those unfamiliar, Divina is Lakshmi's beloved rescue dog, according to Bravo.

Instagram fans are loving the bunny cuddles. One follower channeled their inner "Despicable Me" character to say, "It's soooo FLUFFY!!!" Another added, "I'm so jealous. If our pet rabbit let me hold him like that I don't think I'd ever put him down." Other fans are simply digging the Hawaii vibes — so much that one user suggested: "Time for Top Chef Hawaii." The series previously filmed in Maui in 2014 and the Big Island in 2006, according to Maui Now. Is it time for another season of tropical foodie fun?