Instagram Is Raining Hearts On Gordon Ramsay's Sweet Family Vacation Photo

Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, seems to get a kick out of portraying himself as the crankiest chef currently seen on cable television (via YouTube). And by "portraying himself," we mean that we have reason to suspect that it might just be nothing more than a role he has chosen to play. Or, to put it another way, it is now our firm belief that notwithstanding his cooking-related grumblings and outbursts, Gordon Ramsay is, in fact, a softy at heart - at least when it comes to his wife and five kids, all of whom we have come to feel that we know through Ramsay's many affectionate social posts with and about them through the years.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with Ramsay wishing to portray himself as the ultimate kitchen curmudgeon while also letting his dad-flag fly on social media. It's just that if Ramsay thought he was fooling anyone with his act, well, the jig is certainly up. And never more so than in the wake of his April 1 Instagram post depicting an idyllic moment shared by his 22-year old daughter, Holly, and his 3-year-old son, Oscar, in the context of a breathtaking mountain tableau. Naturally, Instagram is raining hearts on the sweet highlights of what appears to be a special and much-deserved family vacation, and assuming Ramsay is staying on top of his social media accounts, he can't be unaware of the sweet, emotional stirrings his sentimental post has incited in his fans and followers.

Hearts abound on this Instagram-equivalent of a hug

"Bonjour Courchevel," Gordon Ramsay captioned three photos and a video he posted to Instagram recently. All depict Holly Ramsay, one of Ramsay's young adult daughters, holding Ramsay's youngest child, 3-year-old Oscar Ramsay, on an outdoor deck at the French Alps ski resort. "I've missed you" Ramsay added, tagging Holly, as well as Tilly Ramsay and Oscar, who appears rather fascinated with the fluffy white snow that his sister blowing like a kiss from her hand. Not that it never snows in Cornwall, U.K., which is where Ramsay makes his home (via Closer Weekly), but it's also pretty much a rarity. Oscar's delight is palpable and infectious, and none of this was lost on Gordon Ramsay's Instagram fans and followers, who took to the comments section to rain hearts on the sweet snowy spectacle.

"Special moments," mused influencer, Bobby Rich, who was one of the first to comment, and presumably like Ramsay's post, which has since garnered close to 90,000 likes. "Incredible family," added the actor and influencer Schieffer Bates. Others chimed in with such words of affirmation as, "absolutely stunning," "these pictures are soooooo good," and various iterations of "beautiful," including "how beautiful," "beautiful capture," and, simply, "beautiful." Many-hued heart emojis abound throughout the comments. And while Ramsay's post may not have specifically been in response to the undeniable reality that the world is in desperate need of a hug right about now, it does do the virtual trick, nevertheless.