The Stunning Key Lime Pie Cat Cora's Son Made For Her Birthday

Cat Cora enjoys encouraging her kids to experiment in the kitchen. She told Mashed in an exclusive interview that she looked up to her family members in the kitchen as a young child and said, "I think that, when I was younger, I was inspired by my mentors and, when I was very young, inspired by my mother and my father and my grandmother, being Greek American in a Greek community, inspired by the restaurateurs around us." It helped that her grandfather and godfather were in charge of restaurants and gave her perspective on what it takes to succeed in the competitive industry. And now, as a mother of six boys, Cora can't help but marvel at her own kids. She says that they inspire her as a chef and motivate her to do better.

Back in 2013, the celebrity chef told POPSUGAR. that she believes in getting her kids directly involved while planning meals, stating "The way that we empower them is by giving them the opportunity to share their opinions about the menu. We give them two choices, say, 'Do you want salmon or chicken tonight? Edamame or broccoli?'" According to the chef, this approach helps her communicate with her sons and ensure that they're a part of the meal planning process.

Seems like her philosophy has worked. Cora recently took to Instagram to share photos from her birthday and revealed that her son, Caje, prepared a beautiful lime pie for the occasion.

Cat Cora poses in the sweetest photo

Cat Cora posted the sweetest picture from her birthday celebration on Instagram. The Iron Chef is seen posing with delectable treats — a birthday cake, a key lime pie, and some cookies. She wrote, "This has been such a magical birthday! Caje made his amazing signature Key Lime Pie and I always have my Grandma Alma's Italian Cream Cake and some Heart-Shaped Rainbow Cookies." The chef also took the opportunity to thank her fans for their support and love.

Of course, Cora's fans flooded the post with "happy birthday" sentiments, and many commented on the lime pie, too. One follower wrote, "He did a good job on that key lime favorite," while someone else marveled over the dessert and said, "Yay! Happy happy birthday!!! Does Caje need a job? That pie looks AMAZING!" 

For those who aren't aware, key lime pie is a much-loved birthday tradition for Cat Cora. In 2018, she tweeted that raw key lime pie is her favorite birthday dessert treat. Caje certainly knows how to make his mom feel special on her big day!