A Jack In The Box Classic Menu Item Is Back

While 2020 was a difficult year, there was one bright spot for Jack in the Box fans. In the spring of that year, the fast food chain introduced popcorn chicken as a limited-edition menu item, and many of its customers couldn't stop raving about it. The new item featured crispy white meat chicken and was available in both a classic and spicy variety, which was coated in a hot buffalo breading for an extra kick, according to Chew Boom.

While popcorn chicken didn't stay on the Jack in the Box menu for long, it certainly made an impression on customers, many of whom were sad to see it go. There was a brief respite when the bite-sized chicken speciality returned in April of 2021, but fans were once again disappointed to find this reappearance would also be a brief one. Now for the good news for poultry fans: This spring, the chain's popular popcorn chicken will once again be making a return to Jack in the Box menus nationwide.

The return is only for a limited time

Jack in the Box has just announced that it will be bringing its fan-favorite popcorn chicken in both classic and spicy varieties. Customers can purchase the chicken bites as a standalone entree or as part of a meal deal: in a 50/50 with both flavors of chicken, fries, and a beverage ($5.99) or in a Big Box with dipping sauce and a Dr. Pepper for $2 more, reports TheStreet.

Jack in the Box quickly took to social media to tell its fans the good news. "POPCORN CHICKEN IS BACK, STOP MESSAGING ME PLS – with peace and love from the social media manager," the brand posted on Twitter. Predictably, the announcement was met with positive reactions. "Bullying worked," @CelestialUmbran joked triumphantly, while @PAPASITO12011 wrote, "OOOOOMMMYYYYGODDDDDDD PLEASE TELL ME ITS FOREVER." Unfortunately for this user, it seems that this item will once again only be returning to stores for a limited time.