Friendly's Just Made Huge Changes To Its Menu

Correction 4/12/22: An earlier version of this story cited a social media comment stating that the Friendly's Fishamajig and Fish and Chips were removed from the menu; they are still available at Friendly's restaurants.

Friendly's is the third-oldest restaurant chain in the United States, which means a lot of people have nostalgia-filled childhood memories of eating Friendly's clown sundaes after a meal with family and friends. But it's not realistic to think that a restaurant would keep its menu the exact same for more than four decades and still attract customers. In fact, Friendly's just revamped its menu, and while some old favorites got cut, there are tasty new additions fans of the restaurant can get excited about.

The new menu has shrunk from eight cumbersome pages to just two, but there are 12 new items being added, according to Thrillist. Taking a page out of Taco Bell's book, Friendly's is offering a new Doritos Cool Ranch Chopped Cheese Burger, which has actual Doritos in it for crunch. The chain is also adding its own spin on classic comfort foods, such as the new Bangin' Beef Stroganoff. 

It's not just the savory items that are getting a makeover — the chain is also scooping up new flavors of ice cream, such as the peanut butter and chocolate-flavored Barking Pretzel. However, not everyone is pleased with the menu changes.

Some customers want the old Friendly's back

In spite of the new items, some people were not happy about the changes to the menu. On Facebook, several customers used the comments section on a post from the restaurant's official page to vent their concerns over certain classic items that were removed from the menu to make way for new dishes. One customer said they sobbed when they went to Friendly's and discovered that the tuna roll they'd been ordering for 40 years had been removed from the menu. Other concerns included the loss of the mini mozzarella cheese sticks and the four-piece chicken tenders.

Still, others were excited to try the new menu items at Friendly's. One person said they tried three new items from the menu, the Grilled Chicken Mozza Supermelt, the Cheese Skirt Burger, and the Fudgy PB Nut Fribble, and said that all three were good. 

Not everyone will be happy about the chain removing some of its classic dishes from the menu, but because of it, people will be able to try a new selection of dishes to liven up the classic Friendly's experience.