Jack Harlow Loves This Simple Snack Combo

Jack Harlow may have gained global fame for his albums "That's What They All Say" and "Confetti" but it seems like he's really just a down-to-earth type of guy, especially in terms of his food preferences. In a Harper's BAZAAR YouTube video entitled, "Everything Jack Harlow Eats in a Day #StayHome Edition," the music artist lists out all his favorite meals, from turkey sandwiches to scrambled eggs.

The Grammy nominee describes him as a "restaurant type of guy," and shouts out his hometown, Louisville, Kentucky, for having many great local food businesses. He also mentions how much he loves Qdoba, which isn't actually Louisville-based. Nonetheless, Harlow vouches for a specific location on Bardstown Road, which he also says is the most "profitable in the U.S." It's safe to say that Louisville is a great city for food lovers, as the rapper points out during the interview.

However, Harlow admits that he got more comfortable eating at home during the pandemic and there is one simple snack combo he loves in particular.

Jack Harlow likes banana and peanut butter

Jack Harlow named banana and peanut butter as one of his favorite snacks, along with cereals such as Raisin Bran. For someone who is on the go as much as he is, this is the perfect snack to bring somewhere or to enjoy at home. Though the picture that was on-screen during the interview showed the combo being enjoyed on a slice of toast, this pairing can be eaten in a variety of different ways (via YouTube).

Food Network suggests making a peanut butter and banana panini and Spoon University brings up the classic method of directly slathering the nut butter onto the banana. Not only does this snack combine both sweet and salty, but it also contains both carbs and protein, which is great as it will keep one satiated for a long time. For college students and young professionals like Harlow, this snack is also super easy to make and store. It's also extremely budget-friendly, which is a benefit to anyone trying to save money while eating well.