McDonald's Just Brought Back These Fan-Favorite Nuggets

How's this for fast food? According to NBC Sports, in his autobiography, "Fastest Man Alive," Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt said he consumed around 1,000 McDonald's chicken nuggets over a period of 10 days while competing at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. That kind of claim alone might bring stardom to a food. But the famed Chicken McNugget appeared on McDonald's menus throughout the U.S. in 1983 (via the McDonald's website) and quickly became popular back then.

The home of the Big Mac claims on its website that its nuggets are prepared using "100% white meat chicken" and have "no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives." However, when a Reddit user asked others what the nuggets are made of which, a commenter wrote, "Love and happiness...[I don't know] where it's harvested but it all comes together in that fryer. Random perfection in every nugget." A fan like that surely enjoys munching nuggets. So they might want to know that McDonald's has just announced the return of one of its popular chicken nugget items.

The Spicy Chicken McNuggets have returned

According to Thrillist, McDonald's has relaunched Spicy Chicken Nuggets at select outlets across the U.S. Per the McDonald's website, the nuggets are "breaded in a crispy coating [and] flavorfully spiced with a blend of aged cayenne and chili pepper." They can reportedly be found in approximately 6,900 participating outlets, but it's not a permanent return to the menu.

After the spicy nuggets made appeared in 2020, they returned briefly last year, much to the delight of several Reddit users who posted comments such as "love it when McDonalds do spicy stuff" and "just make them permanent, their menu is lifeless otherwise." That request hasn't been granted so far. The limited time and limited locations will also come with a limited availability of Szechuan Sauce. People can only purchase it through the McDonald's app, where they can also check whether their location is selling the nuggets (via USA Today).