Mountain Dew Just Revamped An Unexpected Game Fuel Flavor

It takes a lot of effort and energy to storm castles, vanquish enemies, escape everyday life, and become fully immersed for hours on end in the world of escape and fantasy that is gaming. That's one reason gamers are known to "do the Dew.” Mountain Dew as a brand is known for its rainbow of bright colors, ever-changing flavors, and jolt of caffeine, and has a long history of coming up with products for gamers — and marketing directly to them (via YPulse).

It's not surprising that Mountain Dew would partner with a gaming and streaming superstar on the level Dr. Disrespect (also known as Guy Beam, his given name). They teamed up previously on "Gamerobics,” a music video to promote Game Fuel, and are now collaborating on a reimagining of the gone-but-not-forgotten fan favorite, Citrus Cherry Game Fuel. 

The newly introduced Championship Citrus Cherry Game Fuel has Dr Disrespect's name all over it, as well as his logo, likeness, and signature gaming wear colors: cherry red and black. Game Fuel fans have been asking for this flavor to return, but anyone who has a craving for the vibrant flavor pop of citrus and cherry will want to potentially add this energizing drink to their shopping cart.

Dr. Disrespect does the Dew with his own Game Fuel flavor

According to Mountain Dew, gamers and non-gamers alike have long requested that parent company PepsiCo. bring back Citrus Cherry Game Fuel, which appeared on store shelves in 2007 as one of the brand's original flavors, then largely disappeared (via

Who better to help bring about a comeback than Dr Disrespect: he of the jet-black mustache and mullet, performance-enhancing glasses, and over-the-top persona? He's gaming gold, with legions of fans and followers, including more than three million YouTube channel subscribers at the time of writing. Mountain Dew introduces new flavors on the regular, but sometimes it takes teamwork. The brand goes so far as to call Championship Citrus Cherry Game Fuel "Two-Time's bold take on the original” (via Cision PR Newswire). Mountain Dew's classic flavor has changed over the years, so wouldn't its non-classic flavors?

Gamers and everyone else intrigued by the powerhouse flavor will want to make room in their refrigerators for this effervescent energy enhancer. Per Mountain Dew, Championship Citrus Cherry Game Fuel will be available for a limited time only. To grab a 12-pack ($24.99), browse over to the Game Fuel website. The product is not available in stores.