The Simple Snack Selena Gomez Keeps Backstage

Selena Gomez is constantly on-the-go, from working on charity events to hosting her own cooking show, "Selena + Chef." In the latter of which, fans really got to see the singer's scope on the world of food. Gomez learns how to cook from a variety of master chefs, including Jamie Oliver, Padma Lakshmi, and Nancy Silverman, who teach her how to make everything from matcha chocolate chip cookies to a seafood tostada (via IMDb).

On top of all that, the former Disney Channel star also tours the world to perform her music. Though the singer doesn't have any upcoming tours according to her website, she can fondly recount the food items that got her through long days of practice and travels. The "Wizards of Waverly Place" actress told Bon Appétit what she loved to eat on tour and one snack she named might be surprising because of how widely beloved it is.

Selena Gomez loves pickles

Selena Gomez doesn't keep the fact that she loves adding pickle juice on top of her popcorn a secret (via Glamour). Along with some tabasco sauce and salt, the liquid gives the snack an extra tangy taste. With that in mind, it shouldn't be surprising that the actress also enjoys bringing pickles with her on tour. She told Bon Appétit in 2016 that she gets through long days at work with that snack and lots of water to stay hydrated. Gomez also notes that chocolate and Hot Cheetos are also essentials on the road.

Jars of pickles are perfect for travel as they are both easy to transport and are full of antioxidants, according to Wide Open Eats. Perhaps that is why they are so widely adored, with 245.85 million Americans eating pickles in 2020. So even if the singer didn't start a trend, she definitely has contributed to it and vouches for the snack as a great tour-friendly food.