The Most Overrated Food, According To Andrew Zimmern

It's pretty bold to label any food as "overrated," but if there is anyone to get away with it, it's certainly Andrew Zimmern. And the celebrity chef did exactly that as he answered questions about travel and food during an "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" segment on a February 2022 episode of his "Spilled Milk" series.

During the AMA, one user asked Zimmern for his current take on the most overrated and underrated food trends. And, if you know anything about Zimmern's show, "Bizarre Foods," you'll understand that he isn't really a picky eater, and has tried everything from salted tuna sperm to dung beetle (via Daily Mail). But he didn't hesitate to answer the question at hand, and confidently stated his choice. Unsurprisingly, his answer was something that is becoming more prevalent in the food industry, especially amongst health-conscious individuals.

In addition, Zimmern actually combined his answers, saying that his trend of choice is both overrated and underrated.

Andrew Zimmern has mixed feelings about wellness-driven foods

Zimmern calls wellness-driven foods a "monster trend," because so many people are taking to it. The chef alludes that eating this way exclusively is not easy or accessible to everyone, which lots of people don't realize — and makes it overrated.

However, Zimmern also references health-conscious cooking in traditional foods. According to Everyday Health, "globally inspired" foods have been seeing a rise in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the lack of international travel. He praises chefs all over the world who have been doing this type of cooking for years, and states that the appreciation people give these chefs is what also makes it an underrated trend.

The star references a scenario of an Indian restaurant where everything is plant-based, yet is still a favorite among omnivores because of its delicious foods. These are the exact businesses that Zimmern says we should give more credit to, which is still lacking in his opinion.