Why Is It Cake? Judge Karamo Brown Might Look Familiar

As its name suggests, you know there are going to be a lot of questions on Netflix's latest baking show, "Is It Cake?" Those on baking TikTok may know that the show was inspired by the internet craze of the same name, which involves videos of knives slicing through a variety of everyday objects — only to reveal that those "objects" were actually impressively realistic cakes. If you somehow managed to escape the Is It Cake? hysteria, there's a montage conveniently located on Tasty's Twitter page where you can catch up.

And if, on the other hand, you not only know the meme but have already started to dig into the "Is It Cake?" series, you may have recognized some familiar faces. In addition to the baking competitors and their assortment of lookalike cake creations, viewers also get to watch Mikey Day of "Saturday Night Live" fame host the Netflix show. According to Netflix, Day is joined by a rotating roster of celebrity judges, and one of those judges is Karamo Brown — a name most Netflix subscribers have likely heard.

Karamo Brown has been on a number of TV shows

Fans of Netflix's "Queer Eye" will no doubt recognize Karamo Brown as the show's often-teary-eyed culture expert (via Yahoo). However, other viewers may recognize Brown from an entirely different reality show altogether. According to Screen Rant, Brown appeared on "The Real World: Philadelphia" all the way back in 2004 and then went on to compete in "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II." Following those first reality show appearances, Brown took a break from television and transitioned into social work, which Screen Rant points out probably helped land him his role on "Queer Eye."

Brown has appeared as himself on an impressive number of shows. According to IMDb, that number is over 90 and includes programs like "Dr. Drew on Call," "The Next 15," "Access Daily," and "Dancing with the Stars." Brown also acted in "Dear White People" as Ronald Baptiste. If you're a fan of Brown's and want to catch him on "Is It Cake?" you'll have to wait until the finale — or just skip to the end. From the show's Netflix page, it looks like Brown gets to play a part in deciding which contender takes home the $50,000.