Don't Make This Hilarious Lime Mistake, According To Rachael Ray

So you don't put the lime in the coconut? No, that's not the mistake – at least not according to Rachael Ray in a recent social media post. The famous foodie always seems to be in for a laugh when it comes to cooking, and this cute Insta clip featuring Ray and her husband John Cusimano is no different. This cute couple of more than 20 years knows how to keep the fun in food. Their dynamic is on display in the new show "Rachael Ray's Italian Dream Home." 

Fun also made its way into the caption of Ray's video: "This 'juicy' secret will become your main squeeze in the kitchen." Fans are digging the punny post, which has more than 6,000 likes. "Two peas in a pod. You two are adorable," commented one user. In the clip, Cusimano asks if his other half knows why he's getting so much juice from the lime he's squeezing. After a joke from Ray saying it's because he's the one making the dish, he notes, "Well, no, because I rolled the fruit on the counter." At this point, Ray starts describing a hilarious fruit fail.

A trick to get the juiciest fruit juice

Rachael Ray clarifies in the Instagram video that by "rolling" fruit, neither cook means bowling for limes on your butcher block. The TV cook recalls, "I said that once [roll the fruit on the counter], and someone thought I meant that." She demonstrates the misunderstanding by letting a lime roll loosely along the counter. So, what did she mean? Ray explains that "rolling" actually meant pressing and turning the fruit to crush it a bit. Said one follower, "Yes! Absolutely true! I usually press and roll my limes before I squeeze them when I make guacamole."

While it might seem strange, the fruit rolling trick isn't new. As one Instagram user commented, "My grandmother taught me to do this in the 60s." The blogger behind the Harvard Homemaker remarked in an article that she was skeptical at first but became a convert. "Needless to say, this tip works!! We don't cut or peel a single orange, lemon, lime, etc. in this house now without rolling it firmly on the countertop first. It's amazing what a difference it makes."

A great tip for the kitchen – but as Ray showed, don't take it too literally or you'll have a hilarious mistake.