Redditors Are Sharing The Best Cooking Wisdom They've Ever Heard

For some, cooking is an unrivaled joy of flavor experiments and messy perfection. For others, it's a chore worse than work on a Monday morning —  which is probably a big reason why fast food and microwavable pizzas are popular.

Although many Americans claim to enjoy cooking, only 36% cook every day. 12% of the population cooks no more than twice a week and some never do it at all, according to Comfy Living. Still, as is so often the way, Reddit has the answers to make kitchen craft a little bit easier.

Reddit user FatherOfTheSevenSeas asked the site's cooking community for their top tips to ensure good food preparation results. The post has received dozens of replies from users wanting to help, revealing simple ideas that are often overlooked, as well as more imaginative options. We've picked out some of the best suggestions for you to explore in your own kitchen.

Reddit users believe safety, time management, and seasoning are key

Experimenting with culinary methods and ingredients is encouraged on the Reddit thread. Only one replier believes that it is acceptable to deviate from recipes, while another indicates that personal preference matters most. Good quality and fresh ingredients are desirable, according to one comment, while others stress the significance of using seasoning — particularly salt.

A very simple tactic is cleaning up as you cook, according to one reply. Reducing the often overwhelming amount of washing up at the end is key, especially as another user believes that aiming for culinary perfection will only hamper efforts. Allowing plenty of time and utilizing a healthy dose of patience are also urged, as is making sure cooks have all of the necessary ingredients and equipment before they start cooking.

While one user advises using a sharp knife, which makes preparation quicker and more effective, another slightly dark but entirely necessary observation is to consider what to do if you drop a knife. After all, one of the most dangerous cooking mistakes is to instinctively try to catch it and risk injuring yourself.