The 24 Best Water Bottles Of 2022

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We're all doing our best to save the planet, right? One of the easiest ways to do that is by cutting down on plastic water bottles and drinking out of a reusable one instead. Switching to a reusable bottle will also save you money in the long run (via Case Western University). But there are loads of water bottle options, so you may want some help choosing. If that's you, you've come to the right place.

Whether you're looking for something with a secure lid that you can take on a hike or a gallon-sized bottle to keep at your desk to ensure you're drinking enough water every day, we have a water bottle for everyone on this list. 

Although these bottles are very different from each other, they're all well-suited to different people's hydration needs. Any one of them will make for a fantastic purchase. Keep reading to see the best water bottles of the year.

How we chose

We understand how difficult it is to choose, and that's why we created this guide. From big to small, cost-effective to spendy, and everything in between, there are an overwhelming amount of water bottles available.

We made our choices by first creating categories. We chose specific features we know buyers are after when choosing a bottle and organized them according to those features. We then analyzed the bottles, rating their overall quality and how well they performed their specific function. We used reviews and popularity to help us make our choices.

After intensive research and thoughtful consideration, we have decided on the 24 best water bottles for 2022. From lid types to insulation, we've looked at every detail, and we're certain you're going to love these bottles as much as we do. No matter what you're looking for in a water bottle, there will be something that fits your needs on this list.

Best overall

Best overall goes to the Purifyou Premium Reusable Glass water bottle. Purifyou is everything you could want in a water bottle. It can accompany you to any event that requires a water bottle, like a hike or a run, and it's easy to clean. Along with the bottle is a convenient silicone sleeve that protects the bottle from shattering and helps you hold it without slipping.

The Purifyou bottle also has a super handy handle so you can easily carry it wherever you go. This bottle is dishwasher safe, so after all your adventures, you can get it deeply clean for your next one. The Premium bottle comes in a couple of size options to fit your drinking needs, and the silicone sleeves come in different colors so you can choose something that suits your style.

Easy to carry, lightweight, easy to drink from, and easy to clean, the Purifyou does it all. There are lots of water bottles to choose from, but this is the one you're going to want this year.

The Purifyou Premium Reusable Glass is available from $17.97. 

Best luxury

Our pick for the best luxury water bottle is the LARQ Bottle PureVis. This water bottle is expensive — it retails at full price for $95 for a 17-ounce bottle and $118 for a 25-ounce bottle — but it is truly unlike any other bottle on the market because it has a self-cleaning function.

This is a truly revolutionary idea because if there is one thing water bottle owners are guilty of, it's washing them too infrequently. The LARQ has great reviews and purifies water using UVC light. It clears nearly all bacteria from the water and has a one-year limited warranty so you can replace it if something happens.

It keeps water cold for about 24 hours and comes in multiple colors. Fans of this water bottle like it not only for its unique self-cleaning feature, but also for its look, its screw top, and the accessories that accompany it, including a loop for carrying, as well as a sleeve. There's truly not another water bottle like the LARQ PureVis, and if you're willing to spend the cash, you'll be glad you did.

The LARQ Bottle PureVis is available from $95.00. 

Best affordable

For anyone who doesn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a water bottle, look no further than Thermos. The Funtainer stainless steel water bottle has just about everything you could want in a water bottle for a terrific price.

For just $20, you get insulation to keep your water cold, a convenient design that makes the spout easy to access while covering it so it doesn't get dirty, and a durable bottle that is also dishwasher safe.

Users of this water bottle love that it's leak-proof and lasts. When you have a Thermos, you have it for life. This particular water bottle also comes in a variety of colors, some with designs, so you'll be able to choose one that has a suitable look as well. Again, this all comes at an incredible price. You can have a stellar water bottle without blowing your entire savings account.

The Thermos Funtainer is available from $19.99.

Best with screw top

What are bottle users divided on? Lid type. Some want one that screws on, others want one that pops open and clips shut. 

The best water bottle with a screw top is the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Flex Cap Bottle. The top screws on and off very easily and comes with a convenient handle so you can carry it. It has different size options and is very lightweight. You'll also love that the Hydro Flask material doesn't sweat and keeps your beverage cold for a very long time.

The Hydro Flask also has different lid options, so if the standard spout isn't your preference, you can buy a sports cap that gives you one-handed pouring functionality. We have a feeling that after one purchase of a Hydro Flask water bottle, you'll soon be wanting to make another.

The Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Flex Cap Bottle is available from $34.55. 

Best with straw

BrüMate has been helping us keep our beverages cold with reusable koozies for years, and now they have water bottles to keep us hydrated. Their insulated water bottle with a straw is going to be your new go-to if you prefer straws over sipping.

BrüMate really has perfected the straw. Gone are the days of feeling like you are working harder than necessary to get a drink of water, and here are the days of BrüMate ReHydration, where drinking water is a seamless experience.

Thanks to this elite brand, you can have a beautiful water bottle that keeps your drink cold, is easy to carry, and is also super easy to drink from. It's also leakproof and really easy to clean. It's definitely worth the money. Your BrüMate will become your newest accessory and you'll be excited to drink water again.

The BrüMate ReHydration is available from $39.99. 

Best for kids

It's hard to get kids to drink water, but it's a little bit easier when you have a good water bottle. Unfortunately, it's also really hard to find a good kid's water bottle. They can be heavy and leak, and kids can lose them easily. The Oldley Kids Water Bottle solves many of these issues.

It comes in a variety of colors, so no matter what their preference, they'll be able to find something they like. It's lightweight so your kids won't complain about carrying it. It also comes with a strap and it easily fits in a backpack.

The Oldley comes with a straw lid so your kids won't spill all over themselves and it has a lifetime guarantee. One drawback is that it is hand wash only, but you can use that as an opportunity to have your kids take responsibility for their own items and wash them themselves. Or you can just wash it for them. Either way, you're going to like this water bottle.

The Oldley Kids Water Bottle with Straw is available from $11.99.

Best for toddlers

Our toddlers need to stay hydrated, too, and that's why we love the Iron Flask Kids Water Bottle. The lid has a straw for easy drinking, the bottle is insulated and doesn't leak, and it has a strap so your little tyke can easily carry it.

This brand makes drop-proof water bottles that last for years, but you are probably going to want to buy more than one when you see all the adorable patterns to choose from. If you think children have a problem deciding which item to buy, just wait until you try to choose from these options.

Iron Flask really does have kids in mind, because it also comes with stickers to write names on so your kids won't fight (if they can read). Like the Oldley, Iron Flask is hand wash only. You and your toddler are both going to be happy with the Iron Flask.

The Iron Flask Kids Water Bottle is available from $18.95. 

Best infusion

Let's face it, not all of us like drinking water, but it is vital to our health and wellness, so we've got to find ways to make it a little bit more attractive. You could force yourself to drink water even though you hate it, or you could deal with those pesky powdery drink packets that turn water into lemonade.

Or you could use an infuser water bottle and get that sweet, fresh natural fruit taste with your water. The Live Infinitely Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is perfect for those of us who find drinking water to be a chore on par with exercising. Think of this water bottle like walking with a friend — it's a way to do something healthy while still enjoying yourself.

The infusion bottle from Live Infinitely is 32 ounces. It's also dishwasher safe and doesn't give off a plasticy taste. All you're going to taste is your delicious fruity water. It also comes with a mobile app to give you ideas for infusions, so every day you can have a brand new taste. Live Infinitely makes water tasty and fun again.

The Live Infinitely Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is available from $14.99.

Best half gallon

Some of us have to force ourselves to drink water while others look at it as a competition. Some of us are trying to consume a gallon each day, and we want a water bottle to make it a little bit easier. Enter the HydroJug.

The HydroJug Half Gallon Water Bottle is the best on the market for this size. Most brands are still working out how to make a good half-gallon water bottle, but HydroJug does as good a job as any. It has a handle that makes it easy to carry, and considering its size, it's pretty lightweight. But since it holds so much water, if it does feel heavy, it'll just be motivation to drink more so it weighs less.

It's easy to drink from and comes in a variety of stylish colors, which is important because we all know if the container looks better, we want to drink what's it more. To get that daily hydration without filling up your water bottle every 10 minutes, turn to the HydroJug.

The HydroJug Half Gallon Water Bottle is available from $19.99.

Best motivational

If you need a little extra motivation to drink water, that's okay. Admitting it is the first step. If you can't drink water without encouragement, or if you think it's really cute, or if it just fits your vibe, use the HydroMATE Water Bottle with Straw and Motivational Time Markings.

Not only does this bottle give you encouragement with fun phrases, but it also gives you time markers so you can track your drinking by time. It splits consumption into two parts of the day, the morning and afternoon, so you can get your daily water intake in before bedtime. 

The HydroMATE water bottle comes in cute colors and is leak-free. It also has a handle and a straw, so it's easy to carry and drink from. It's BPA-free plastic, so you're going to feel safe while you're feeling motivated to stay hydrated.

The HydroMATE Water Bottle with Straw and Motivational Time Markings is available from $11.86. 

Best leak-proof

Nearly all water bottles market themselves to be leak-proof. And all water bottles should be leak-proof. There is nothing more annoying than a leaky water bottle, especially when you have it inside a backpack or in your car and it spills all over everything.

That's why we love the Purist Mover. When it says it's leak-proof, it's actually leak-proof. You can put this anywhere and you won't be left with a mess. The Mover bottle comes with a unique screw top lid design that prevents liquids from seeping out thr sides.

Not all water bottles are built the same, and the Purist is built to last. It's a little spendier than some bottles, but it's worth it to keep your precious liquids inside. The bottle comes in a variety of colors, too, all enhancing its sleek design. You'll look good drinking it.

The Purist Mover is available from $48.00.

Best insulated

We don't want our water bottles to leak and we want our water to stay cold. Or whatever temperature the beverage was when it went into the bottle. That's why we love the Takeya Originals Vacuum-Insulated water bottle. It's got all of those lovely features we want — a spout that's easy to drink from, a nice handle, fun colors — but the reason we really love this water bottle is because it works. Lots of water bottle brands say their product is going to insulate and keep your beverage at the temperature you want it, but Takeya actually does. 

It has a double-wall design that preserves the temperature inside the bottle for a surprisingly long time. You can keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. You can swap between coffee and water easily. If insulation is your main concern, the Takeya will become your main water bottle.

The Takeya Originals Vacuum-Insulated water bottle is available from $29.99.

Best plastic

Water bottles come in a variety of materials, but if you're looking for a good standard plastic water bottle, check out the Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle. The Nalgene is lightweight, easy to carry, and is dishwasher safe. It has markers on the side that tell you the liquid amount in both ounces and milliliters (keep in mind that if you do put it in the dishwasher the markings will slowly erode) for easy intake tracking. It comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for all of your travels.

Seriously, this water bottle will go with you everywhere. Its wide mouth makes it easy to drink out of, and you can pop ice cubes in without a hassle. It also has a screw cap on a plastic loop so that the cap does not get lost. Plus, the loop makes it perfect for carrying.

You are going to love Nalgene's water bottle. Even though it's simple, it's effective.

The Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle is available from $12.99.

Best glass bottle with a flip cap

Glass water bottles can be really tricky. They're nice because they're dishwasher-safe and don't transfer flavor. But they sweat easily and are classically prone to breaking. And there is nothing more frustrating or dangerous than broken glass. Since we travel with water bottles so often, we definitely do not want them to break.

But for all the woes of a glass water bottle, the Lifefactory Active Flip Cap Glass Water Bottle does a great job. It comes with a non-slip sleeve to combat the sweating and it has a handle on its lid so you can easily transport it. The top is wide so you can fit fruit or add a water packet with ease, but the spout is narrow for tidy drinking.

Lifefactory's water bottle also has a nice cap that pops off to protect your spout. You don't have to remove the sleeve to put it in the dishwasher, which is convenient. Glass water bottles aren't always great, but Lifefactory's is.

The Lifefactory Active Flip Cap Glass Water Bottle is available from $22.21. 

Best handle

Nearly all water bottles have handles, but some handles just don't do the job. Simple Modern doesn't have this problem. Its vacuum-insulated bottle is an awesome water bottle with the best handle on the market. Its design makes it easy to carry without hurting your fingers and it's the perfect size to fit in your cup holder.

This water bottle is insulated, lightweight, and has a fabulous straw. It's stainless steel and dishwasher safe and comes in many color options. It even has some patterns to choose from. And it's a great price.

We can't say enough good things about this water bottle, but we can tell you that you're going to want to buy one for everyone in your family. But at the price, you won't feel bad doing so. If you want a water bottle with a good handle, look no further than the Simple Modern water bottle.

The Simple Modern Water Bottle with Straw Lid is available from $21.99.

Best glass bottle with time markers

Let's face it, the day often gets away from us, and before we know it, it's 5 o'clock and we've only had one cup of water. Water bottles with time markers are perfect for those of us who want one less thing to keep track of, and that's why we love the Fit Strong & Healthy Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker Reminder.

It's 32 ounces, so you only have to refill it once to get your daily water intake. And it has a removable silicone sleeve to make it easy to grip. It comes with a cap and a handle and is dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can wash it with ease and heat your liquids.

The Fit Strong & Healthy water bottle is glass, so you don't want to drop it, but if you're cognizant of where it is, it'll stay safe and keep you hydrated.

The Fit Strong & Healthy Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker Reminder is available from $19.99.

Best stainless steel with one-handed pour

Stainless steel has a lot to love when it comes to water bottle design. It makes for great insulation (at least in dual-walled designs), keeping drinks cool or hot all day. It's not breakable, and it doesn't make water taste like plastic.

Contigo makes a beautiful stainless steel water bottle. Its Autoseal design is one of the best water bottles on the market. It's easy to handle thanks to its cup holder size, and it's easy to carry thanks to its handle. It has leak-proof insulation that keeps your drink cold for an entire day.

Along with that, its auto seal cap is easy to open and close instantly with one hand and comes with a cover to prevent anything nasty from getting in the bottle. The lid is also dishwasher safe in the top rack (not the bottle, however).

The Contigo Autoseal is avilable from $25.99.

Best dishwasher safe with straw

CamelBak is a tried and true water bottle brand that has been making portable and eco-friendly water drinking easy for years. And CamelBak knows what we want as water bottle consumers: a dishwasher safe water bottle.

Although there are plenty of great water bottles that are hand wash only, it's far more convenient to pop it into the dishwasher, and that's why we love the CamelBak Eddy. Its straw makes for easy drinking, and its screw lid with a wide mouth opening makes it easy to put whatever we want in there. And because it's dishwasher safe, we feel fine about filling it with something other than water, because we know it'll be thoroughly cleaned before the next time we drink out of it.

It's easy to handle and easy to love. For a dishwasher safe bottle with a straw lid, we love the CamelBak Eddy.

The CamelBak Eddy is available from $13.99. 

Best stylish hand wash only

We know we know. We just went on a rant about how much we love a dishwasher safe water bottle. But we did mention that some of the best water bottles are hand wash only. And among those, the most beautiful is the Waterdrop.

Waterdrop is a super cool brand that comes with cubes that flavor water. The brand's Microdrinks are tasty and easy to use, and they drop wonderfully into the Classic Glass Water Bottle. But you don't have to only drink flavored water. You can buy this beautiful bottle and just drink plain old water out of it. You'll love how beautiful it is and you'll enjoy the stylish sleeve that comes with it.

It's odor- and leak-proof, and although you have to hand wash it, its wide mouth design makes cleaning pretty simple. For a hand wash only bottle, Waterdrop does as good a job as a water bottle company can. 

The Waterdrop Classic Glass Water Bottle is available from $45.00.

Best unique

When it comes to water bottles, uniqueness may not be at the top of your list for features. But if you want a fun and cute design, check out the Lund London Insulated Water Bottle.

The most unique thing about it is its lovely design. It tapers toward the top and features a round cap. But despite its unorthodox design, it still does what you want a water bottle to do — keep water from leaking, resist breaking, and maintain your beverages at your preferred temperature.

This bottle is lightweight and comes in different designs and sizes. It's an option you can buy for your whole family and make everybody. For the price, you may not want to buy a lot of them, but once you have purchased one, you just might be yearning for another. With the Lund London, and you'll never mistake someone else's bottle for yours again.

The Lund London Insulated Water Bottle is available from $39.00. 

Best customizable

Water bottles are one of the best gifts. They're great for businesses, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and any other reason you can think of to customize a water bottle. But you also might want a custom water bottle so you know it's yours

If that's what you want, you should try the Corkcicle Canteen. These come in nearly every color and pattern possible, so even if you don't get it customized, you'll still be able to pick yours out of a crowd. But if you want to get it customized, Corkcircle lets you add custom text, and monogram, and an icon to your water bottle.

Corkcircle started as a company that made devices for keeping wine chilled, but the brand's canteen is a great choice for any kind of hot or cold beverage. If you want to spice up your water bottle just a bit, go with Corkcicle.

The Corkcicle Canteen is available from $39.57.

Best with an app

There's an app for everything, even for water bottles. And the best one available is the HidrateSpark.

The HidrateSpark Pro is an amazing water bottle, and not just because of its app, though the app is pretty cool. It tracks how much water you've had throughout the day, and you can even look back month-to-month to see what days you were more hydrated than others. It really helps you track your health.

And thanks to the bottle's other unique feature, you will probably review all of your days proudly, because there will be no excuse not to drink water. At the bottom of the bottle is a sensor that illuminates to remind you to drink water. How cool is that? You won't have any excuses for not getting your daily intake. It's like a high-tech version of the reminder markers on some other bottles.

The HidrateSpark Pro is available from $69.99. 

Best gallon

If 32 or 64 ounces is not enough for you, perhaps 128 will be. If you can get past how massive a gallon size jug is, you'll be a huge fan of the HydroMATE 1 Gallon Water Bottle with Time Marker.

This bottle does not have all of the classic elements that you want in a water bottle. It's not particularly easy to carry, nor is it particularly lightweight. But when you are using a gallon size bottle, you can't reasonably expect it to have these atrributes.

What you can expect from it, though, is hydration. It fits an entire gallon of water, and it features motivational phrases and accompanying times so that you can track your intake throughout the day. And to offset some of its downfalls, it does come with a strap and a built-in handle for easy carrying, and the lid has a straw so you don't have to tilt it to drink.

The HydroMATE does its best to accommodate easy drinking, and for a gallon size water bottle, it's hard to beat.

The HydroMATE 1 Gallon Water Bottle with Time Marker is available from $25.98. 

Best with filter

Brita has been helping us filter our water for years, so it's no wonder the company entered the water bottle game. The Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle does just as good a job filtering water as the company's at-home filtration system that you know in love.

It keeps your water tasting fresh and keeps out all the elements we want to be left out of our water. The filter is built into the straw, so you don't have to fiddle with something extra floating around in your bottle.

And aside from the filtration system, it's a really good water bottle. It keeps your water cold for an entire day, and it's dishwasher safe. It has a nice handle, so you can take it with you wherever you want. You will have to replace the filter every now and then, but it's worth it for the taste of the water. If a filter is what you want, Brita is what you need.

The Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle is available from $16.15.