How A Starbucks Customer Restored This Barista's 'Faith In Humanity'

Between standing all day, dealing with difficult customers, and keeping track of company rules and menu guidelines, it's no secret that food service jobs can be hard on employees — no matter where they work or what their job title is. However, these challenges can be especially difficult for those who are pregnant. 

Erin Smith, a chef who wrote about her experience as a pregnant woman in the restaurant industry for Food & Wine, shared that throughout her decade-long career, she had "not once worked for a company that offered paid maternity leave, a guarantee [her] job would still be available after returning from [her] unpaid leave of absence, or any sympathy or flexibility for the various inconveniences which will arise from pregnancy." These "inconveniences," she specified, include things like severe nausea and the bodily limits that come with carrying a child — things that make it harder to do a highly physical job like restaurant work.

While some workers may choose to take time off during pregnancy, others may continue to work due to financial, personal, or other reasons, despite the discomfort. Fortunately, some customers realize this and extend empathy to pregnant food service workers, as was the case with a recent Starbucks patron who wrote a kind note to a nine-months-pregnant barista.

The customer included a gift for the employee's child

A pregnant Starbucks employee recently shared on Reddit that a customer had left her a letter with a Target gift card for her child, Jasper, and a lovely sentiment. The note reads, "I have gone to many Starbucks. ... Some baristas remember what I order; some remember my name, but nobody has ever stopped and faced me and said 'It was nice to meet you.' You made my day. Not to mention a good drink. Thank you for your kindness." The employee said the gesture restored her faith in humanity and warmed her heart — and the comments on the thread suggest that readers feel the same way.

Reddit u/arinjeanyyo21 said: "How amazing. Jasper is such a cute name! Best of luck to you and your little guy." Several users called the act of kindness "wholesome," and one viewed it as "a beautiful example of humanity and decency." The barista herself, u/altercidal, clarified in another post that though her job responsibilities at Starbucks still require "a lot of bending," she will get paid maternity leave following her pregnancy.