Trader Joe's Fans Are Raving About Its New Artisan Pasta Shapes

Pasta comes in a variety of shapes and sizes — more specifically, around 350, according to Italy Magazine — and while that may seem a little excessive to the average spaghetti eater, it turns out that there's a purpose for all the different versions of the popular carb. "Pasta shapes are specifically designed to hold the sauce in the best way possible," chef Alessandro Giustetti explained to Lifestyle Asia, noting that thinner types of pasta like angel hair pair best with "delicate" sauces, while rigid or hollow varieties are great for a "meatier, thicker sauce." Who would have thought?

However, here's no need to travel all the way to Italy if you're looking for something to do with this newfound pasta knowledge (though we'd never discourage a trip to the boot-shaped country if it's in the cards). Per Real Simple, popular grocery chain Trader Joe's is home to nearly 30 different types of pasta, including a few new varieties that TJ's fan Instagram account @traderjoeslist recently spotted in-store.

"3 NEW ORGANIC ITALIAN ARTISAN PASTAS: GIGLI, CASCATELLI, BUCATINI," the Instagrammer announced in a post on Saturday, April 9 that also included a carousel of six photos showing off the front and backs of all three packages of pasta that run for $2.99 each. "These are all made in Italy and ready for you to enjoy with your favorite pasta sauce!" they added. Based on the response, it seems that many Trader Joe's shoppers have already done exactly that.

Here's how Trader Joe's shoppers are using its new artisan pastas

Six months after Trader Joes' category manager of grocery, Jasmine, revealed on the "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast that the chain would be expanding its pasta offerings to include four new varieties, the final two have officially landed in stores. Spotted recently by Trader Joe's-obsessed Instagrammer @traderjoeslist, TJ's Organic Italian Artisan Cascatelli Pasta is a rigid, J-shaped noodle that was invented only in the last decade by "Sporkful" podcast host Dan Pashman, while the chain's Organic Bucatini Pasta is essentially a hollow spaghetti. The pair were also joined on the shelves by the grocer's Gigli Pasta, which was initially released in 2018.

TJ's shoppers have been raving about the latest installments to the grocer's pasta selection in the comments section of @traderjoeslist Instagram post about the products. "My kids say it's the best pasta they have had from a store! Very good texture," one follower said. "I tried the [Cascatelli] pasta and it was so beautiful!" praised another fan.

Several have also shared how they've put the various types of pasta to use. "Made cacio e pepe bucatini with air fried chicken cutlets for dinner. So good," user @melissa6453 commented, while Kitchn reports that the Cascatelli pasta paired well with both marinara and cheese sauces. As for the Gigli, which one Instagrammer pointed out it has returned "just in time for JLo and Ben's engagement," Trader Joe's Rants suggests this recipe for cherry tomato and feta cheese pasta.