Duff Goldman Shared A Relatable Parenting Moment

Unavoidably, parenting includes challenging moments when children are younger that make you just want to say "ew," even if their cuteness makes up for it. And as culinary personality Duff Goldman learned, the daughters of celebrity bakers aren't immune from classic kid blunders, such as the apparent new "hobby" of little Josephine Goldman. Sharing on Instagram, Goldman bemoaned, "Ay yay yay. That's your baby, @johnnapgoldman." The celebrity dad's post included video showing the couple's toddler delighting in a new game of toilet water play. Thank goodness it looks like a sparkling clean toilet!

Even so, one fan had a great idea, adding, "give that kid a scrub brush at least!" Another fan, however, must have had some experience with this issue as they quickly warned Goldman to protect his plumbing saying, "It starts.. the toilet. Start closing lid. You have no idea what she start putting in there.. sooo cute!!" Goldman's parenting moment is so relatable in fact, that there's even a thread on Reddit discussing how to solve the problem.

Common curious kid behavior

Both readers on Reddit and fans on Instagram quickly suggested a toilet lock — a device that will help keep the lid closed and prevent toilet play. Redditors further suggested some solutions to this all-too-common kid habit described by another poster, sharing, "Maybe she's also curious about how toilets work. Show her some online videos about where the water comes from, where it goes, etc." The same parent followed up with another idea suggesting, "Maybe try a different approach – set up a basin on the counter and fill it with water. Let her know that if she feels like "splashing", or water play, she can do it in there. Add some toys nearby that she can play with."

Obviously sticking one's hand in the toilet is kinda icky, no matter how cute the little tot might be. As one fan on Instagram summed up the shared experience, "Oh my gosh, too funny, but she is a sweetheart!" Here's hoping some of these ideas above might help too.