Nestle Toll House Just Brought Back Its Popular Easter Dough

The baking aisle at your local grocery store is bound to have at least a few brands of cookie dough on deck, but some would argue that the kind in bright yellow packaging stands out above the rest as a reliable ready-to-bake classic. In an Insider poll that asked a group of chefs to rank the best pre-made cookie dough on the market, Nestlé Toll House came in first place for its ease of execution and externally crunchy, internally gooey texture. 

Many chefs were referring to Nestlé's classic Chocolate Chip dough — which is no surprise, given that chocolate chip cookie progenitor Ruth Wakefield used Nestlé's semisweet chocolate in her original recipe, per The New York Times — but the multinational franchise has introduced lots of new flavors over the years. Per its website, shoppers can find everything from Sugar Cookie to White Chip Macadamia Nut to Peanut Butter Chip and Funfetti among Nestlé's offerings. 

In addition to its year-round products, Nestlé has taken to dropping limited-time seasonal doughs into the mix, like its wintry Gingerbread and Peppermint Cocoa flavors and its autumnal Pumpkin Spice flavor. With Easter coming up this Sunday, April 17, Nestlé shared an Instagram post announcing the return of another popular holiday-specific dough — one that folds a colorful surprise into its chocolate chip standby. 

The classic chocolate chip dough is sprinkled with pastel eggs

Nestle's Instagram post shows a package of its seasonal Easter Chocolate Chip Cookies, which features a rendering of its chocolate chip mainstay dotted with pastel-hued chocolate eggs against a spring-y blue-green background. "Celebrate Spring with our Original Chocolate Chip Cookies topped with pastel egg sprinkles," reads the post, whose comment section makes liberal use of the word "yummy." The dough was introduced in 2019, so many Toll House fans may be familiar with the pre-cut, ready-to-bake slices. At the time, Elite Daily remarked that egg sprinkles "promise to take your tastebuds on the tastiest Easter hunt."

Nestle's website breaks the process down into three steps: Preheat the oven, break the cookies apart in the proper places, and bake them for the recommended time or until they're golden brown. While Nestle is surely hoping that no-fuss bakers will flock to the egg-sprinkled dough specifically for Easter, in the past it has reportedly stayed on shelves until the end of April.