Rob Kardashian's Custom M&Ms For True's Birthday Will Melt Your Heart

It's hard to think of a toddler who would turn down M&Ms, let alone ones that are personally made for them. 

Rob Kardashian surprised his niece, True, for her fourth birthday with some special sweet treats. And these weren't any normal M&Ms. They weren't even a special M&Ms flavor you can buy in stores. No — they were uniquely customized, just for her.

The candy went perfectly with the theme of True's birthday party, which was cats. The toddler has quite an affinity for felines, and her mom, Khloe Kardashian, had adopted a kitten for her just last year (via The Blast).

According to 7News, the celebration featured face painting, a kitty playpen, and an immaculate birthday cake. The cake had three tiers, and was decorated with cats and rainbows to match with the overall vibe of the party. But besides True's colorful cake, partygoers could enjoy some of the treats that True's Uncle Rob had gifted her.

The candy had True's face on it

Though Khloe Kardashian's daughter True Thompson's party was a veritable feline wonderland, the kittens weren't the only sweet thing there. Rob Kardashian had also given his niece a present to remind her and her guests who the star of the celebration truly was.

According to People — and a picture from Khloe Kardashian's Instagram story — the custom M&Ms came in pinks, purples, and blues. They were emblazoned with text that read "Happy bday True," and some candy included a picture of the toddler's smiling face. The M&Ms came in a large jar for both True and her guests to share and enjoy.

The birthday girl's mom states in her Instagram story that her brother's gesture was extremely "cute," and told her daughter to thank her uncle (via The Daily Mail).

This isn't the first time Rob Kardashian has shown up for his sisters' kids on their special day. Last year, he posted a sweet Instagram birthday shoutout for Stormi Webster that made everyone's heart melt, according to Scoop Sky.