The Problem People Are Having Booking Moe's Southwest Grill's Airbnb

Imagine someone walking into a Moe's Southwest Grill location and being greeted by employees cheerfully calling out a warm "Welcome to Moe's!" Perhaps an even more welcome sight for that person would be a private Moe's-themed space to relax in. According to the chain's website, a few lucky Moe's fans will soon get that opportunity, as bookings for Moe's Spicy Shack, a special Moe's-themed Airbnb in Miami, opened up on April 12.

The one-bedroom/one-bath Spicy Shack on Airbnb might look like a dream come true for Moe's fans, specifically those who dream of being surrounded by images of hot fruit. The color-soaked space is filled with carpeting, wallpaper, pillows, and curtains in vibrant shades of red, orange, and blue. There's even a bed that looks like a giant tortilla. Peppers have been incorporated into the decor at every turn, and there's even a "private pepper patio." 

Unfortunately, some hopeful Spicy Shack bookers may have had an experience that was a little blander than they might have hoped.

Moe's Spicy Shack is all booked up

Unsurprisingly, Moe's Southwest Grill's Airbnb promotion was a hot one. According to the Moe's website, each booking came with a $500 voucher guests could use to pay for travel or for the Airbnb (which was offered at a rate of $10 a night). Guests will also receive a taco meal kit with Moe's new spicy chicken delivered straight to the Moe's-themed suite in Miami.

The Spicy Shack was available every weekend in May, but from the looks of the Airbnb listing, it has already sold out. (Moe's confirmed to Mashed that it expected the bookings to fill up quickly.) 

Still, the chain is inviting fans to get in on the spicy action by ordering an entrée with Moe's new spicy chicken. Travel + Leisure reports that the new filling, made of adobo chicken, jalapeños, and Moe's Hard Rock 'N Roll sauce, will be on the restaurant's menu through May 29. The promo code "SPICYBOGO" may not land fans a stay at the Spicy Shack, but it will get them a buy-one, get-one deal through April 30 with the new spicy chicken.