Why PGA Masters Champ Scottie Scheffler Only Eats Chipotle With A Spoon

PGA Masters Champ Scottie Scheffler has some serious opinions about golf clubs. The athlete's bag is full of TaylorMade clubs including a TaylorMade StealthPlus and TaylorMade Stealth (Via Golf Monthly). In the past, Scheffler has commended the TaylorMade team for "their commitment to getting the right equipment in my bag." It's not surprising that an elite athlete would be particular about the equipment he's using in the game. 

However, it's not just on the golf course where Scheffler has strong opinions about tools; he's also adamant that Chipotle orders should be eaten with a spoon — more specifically, a plastic spoon from the fast casual chain.

Joking in a video for Golf Digest, Scottie's wife Meredith Scudder, poked fun at her husband's particular Chipotle order. From the video, it's clear that the pro-golfer's order is so consistent, Scudder could recite it backward. "Hello can I please have brown rice," Scudder said while jokingly impersonating her husband. "Then you say an extra scoop of rice, please. So you get extra rice," she added.

If you're curious, the rest of the order contains "a little bit" of black beans, two scoops of steak, and cheese. However, it's toward the end of the video when the controversy starts, as Scheffler shared his particular views on spoons.

Scottie Scheffler is unwavering in his spoon stance

Let's start by saying there is some sound logic in Scheffler's argument which is basically that people use forks like spoons when eating Chipotle bowls, so why not just use a spoon? "People always eat their Chipotle with a fork, but they use it like a spoon!" Scheffler argues in the Golf Digest clip, "They spoon it, but with a fork. It doesn't make any sense."

Scheffler may just be grazing the surface of a deeper, long-running debate among Chipotle fanatics. In a Reddit poll from 2020, 437 people said they used a fork compared to only 82 vouching for a spoon. In the thread, Chipotle fans weighed in on the merits of both. A fork is a more established choice, but a spoon may offer certain benefits at the end of the meal when trying to scoop up every grain of rice. And some even offered a third option, chips, which one Redditor described as a "540 Calorie Food Shovel."

While there's no official correct answer, Scheffler doesn't appear to be changing his mind any time soon. "Everyone else has got it wrong," the golf pro doubles down, "I got it right with a spoon."