The Tomato Guinness World Record That Was Just Broken Again

An exclusive group of green-thumbed individuals has transformed the art and hobby of gardening into a race for the most impressive produce. This group of Guinness World Record breakers have surpassed what it means to grow a tomato plant and redefined what is possible for growth on a single vine.

According to Food and Wine, the Guinness World Records first gave the award for Most Tomatoes Grown On A Single Truss in 1997. A single vine of the winning plant grew 121 tomatoes. Graham Tanter broke that record in 2010 with a vine that grew 488 tomatoes. Then, Douglas Smith beat Tanter last Fall with an astounding 839 cherry tomatoes proliferating on a single vine. We sure hope he put his hundreds of fresh tomatoes to good use.

Smith, a backyard gardener, is no stranger to monumental produce yields. He's grown a seven-pound tomato, a 624-pound pumpkin, and a sunflower that stretched 20 feet tall (per The Washington Post). This year, he came back for another taste of tomato-flavored victory.

British gardener shatters his own record

After swiping the Guinness World Record for Most Tomatoes Grown On A Single Truss last year, Douglas Smith made a deliberate attempt to surpass his celebrated vine that grew 839 cherry tomatoes. His successful stab at beating that record produced a whopping 1,269 cherry tomatoes, Guinness World Records announced on March 18.

Smith developed an affinity for extraordinary vegetables in 2014 when he began exploring the competitive world of gigantic produce. He told The Washington Post that he enjoys learning what each plant requires for optimum growth and sharing his experiences with the community of unique gardeners he's encountered along the way. The gigantic vegetable growers even share tips and trade products. In 2020, Smith exchanged seeds with the record holder for the U.K's largest tomato. Smith then swept the competition with his seven-pound fruit. 

Now, the talented gardener has his sights set on more prolific produce. He's honing in on the race for Most Tomatoes Grown on a Single Plant, as well as the world's heaviest potato and eggplant prizes.

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