The Massive UK Easter Egg That Weighs More Than 40 Pounds

It may feel as though we just escaped the dark and dreary days of winter, but Easter is only a few short days away. From the pretty pastel decorations to the epic Easter egg hunts and dyeing sessions, there are so many fun traditions to partake in on this spring holiday. And let's not forget about the special Sunday feast. Families and friends get to tuck into deviled eggs, glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, quiche Lorraine, and all the best recipes for the perfect Easter dinner.

The sweetest part? If you need anything to tide you over throughout the day, you can nosh on candy and chocolate to your heart's content. In addition to Halloween and Valentine's Day, Easter is yet another holiday on which sugary treats reign. While jelly beans and Peeps are some of America's favorite Easter goodies, this holiday is not complete without some kind of candy egg — a category that accounts for five out of the top 10 Easter goodies in the U.S., per Instacart. Four of these are chocolate eggs, from the famous Cadbury Creme Egg to the nutty Reese's version. On that note, many may argue that the bigger the chocolate egg, the better, but how big is too big? Does a 40-pound chocolate egg sound appealing to you?

The chocolatier doesn't advise eating all that chocolate at once

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? Award-winning English chocolatier Nick Kittle is putting that very question to the test with his latest sweet creation. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, LADbible reports, the Devon native concocted a three-stone chocolate Easter egg, which equates to approximately 42 pounds. How many calories are in an egg that large? A whopping 81,000. Kittle, who plans to auction off the egg and donate the funds to charity, does issue a warning to the lucky winner. "I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone eating it all at once — I'm going to add a disclaimer to it," he shared.

Ever since Kittle opened his chocolate factory, it's been a dream of his to create one of the largest chocolate eggs in the U.K., he explained to LADbible. Kittle admitted he wanted to have some bragging rights and be able to say, "My eggs are bigger than yours." He isn't sure whether or not it really is the largest in the U.K., but he certainly has a long way to go before he makes the biggest chocolate egg in the world: That was created in Tosca, Italy, and weighed nearly 16,000 pounds, according to Guinness World Records.